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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2014Influence of microstructure and crystallographic phases on the tribological properties of SiC obtained by spark plasma sinteringWEAR
Artículo2013Analysis of the effect of a textured surface on fretting fatigueWEAR
Artículo2011Endurance of TiAlSiN coatings: effect of Si and bias on wear and adhesionWEAR
Artículo2011Surface topography evolution through production of aluminium offset lithographic platesWEAR
Artículo2010Improved wear performance of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene coated with hydrogenated diamond like carbonWEAR
Artículo2010Lateral Force Microscopy with micrometer-sized particles: Effect of wear on adhesion and frictionWEAR
Artículo2009Dry wear of NiAl3-reinforced mechanically alloyed aluminium with different microstructureWEAR
Artículo2005Influence of milling conditions on the wear resistance of mechanically alloyed aluminiumWEAR
Artículo2004Solid-particle erosion and strength degradation of Si3N4/BN fibrous monolithsWEAR
Artículo2004Solid-particle erosion of a geopolymer containing fly ash and blast-furnace slagWEAR
Artículo2003Wear of aluminium-base materials processed by mechanical milling in air or ammoniaWEAR
Artículo2002Failure of gas turbine bladesWEAR
Artículo2001Dry and lubricated wear resistance of mechanically-alloyed aluminium-base sintered compositesWEAR
Artículo1998Cyclic variations in friction forces and contact stresses during fretting fatigueWEAR
Artículo1993Solid-particle erosion of in situ reinforced Si3N4WEAR
Artículo1987Some case-histories of wear-related failures of metallic materialsWEAR