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Revisión2017Regenerative Endodontic Procedures: A Perspective from Stem Cell Niche BiologyJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2017Use of Platelet-rich Plasma in Endodontic Procedures in Adults: Regeneration or Repair? A Report of 3 Cases with 5 Years of Follow-upJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2015Glycated Hemoglobin Levels and Prevalence of Apical Periodontitis in Type 2 Diabetic PatientsJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2015Leptin Promotes Dentin Sialophosphoprotein Expression in Human Dental PulpJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2015Pulp Revascularization of Immature Dog Teeth with Apical Periodontitis Using Triantibiotic Paste and Platelet-rich Plasma: A Radiographic StudyJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2013Leptin Receptor Is Up-regulated in Inflamed Human Dental PulpJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Letter2013Reply to Drs Celeste and GomesJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2012Postorthodontic External Root Resorption in Root-filled Teeth is influenced by interleukin-1 beta PolymorphismJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2012Tobacco Smoking and Radiographic Periapical Status: A Retrospective Case-Control StudyJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2011Critical Diameter of Apical Foramen and of File Size Using the Root ZX Apex Locator: An In Vitro StudyJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2011Periapical and endodontic status of type 2 diabetic patients in Catalonia, Spain: A cross-sectional studyJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2011Relationship between Smoking and Endodontic Variables in Hypertensive PatientsJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2010Hypertension and Dental Periapical ConditionJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2010Inferior Alveolar Nerve Paresthesia after Overfilling of Endodontic Sealer into the Mandibular CanalJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2009Antibiotic Use by Members of the Spanish Endodontic SocietyJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2007Dentigerous cyst associated with a formocresol pulpotomized deciduous molarJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2007Influence of apical constriction diameter on root ZX apex locator precisionJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2003In vitro inhibitory effect of EGTA on macrophage adhesion: Endodontic implicationsJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo2000Identification of G-protein coupled receptor subunits in normal human dental pulpJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo1999Comparative effects of two endodontic irrigants, chlorhexidine digluconate and sodium hypochlorite, on macrophage adhesion to plastic surfacesJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo1999In vitro effect of the resin component bisphenol A on substrate adherence capacity of macrophagesJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo1998The effect of the bleaching agent sodium perborate on macrophage adhesion in vitro: Implications in external cervical root resorptionJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo1997Calcium hydroxide inhibits substrate adherence capacity of macrophagesJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo1997EDTA inhibits in vitro substrate adherence capacity of macrophages: Endodontic implicationsJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo1997In vitro effect of parachlorophenol and camphorated parachlorophenol on macrophagesJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo1997In vitro study of the effect of sodium hypochlorite and glutaraldehyde on substrate adherence capacity of macrophagesJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
Artículo1996The disodium salt of EDTA inhibits the binding of vasoactive intestinal peptide to macrophage membranes: Endodontic implicationsJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS