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Publicaciones en la fuente ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Electrochemical detection of quinone reduced by Complex I Complex II and Complex III in full mitochondrial membranesELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2023Guanine adsorption on gold electrodes studied by in situ surface-enhanced infrared reflection absorption spectroscopyELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2023Transient behavior of liquid water distribution in a lung-inspired PEM fuel cellELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2022Exploring hybrid Mg2+/H+ reactions of C@MgMnSiO4 with boosted voltage in magnesium-ion batteriesELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2022Influence of the dwell time in the polarization hysteresis of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2021Electrochromic response and porous structure of WO3 cathode layersELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2021Electrostatics affects formation of Watson-Crick complex between DNA bases in monolayers of nucleolipids deposited at a gold electrode surfaceELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2020Influence of tryptophan mutation on the direct electron transfer of immobilized tobacco peroxidaseELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2020On neural network modeling to maximize the power output of PEMFCsELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2019Sodium ion storage performance of magnetron sputtered WO3 thin filmsELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2019The Fe (III)/Fe(II) redox couple as a probe of immobilized tobacco peroxidase: Effect of the immobilization protocolELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2017Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy analysis of an adsorption process with a coupled preceding chemical stepELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2017Electrophoretic deposition and characterization of chitosan/bioactive glass composite coatings on Mg alloy substratesELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2016A study of the charge storage properties of a MoSe2 nanoplatelets/SWCNTs electrode in a Li-ion based electrolyteELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2016Characterization and application of a new pH sensor based on magnetron sputtered porous WO3 thin films deposited at oblique anglesELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2016Non-enzymatic Glucose electrochemical sensor made of porous NiO thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering at oblique anglesELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2016Tautomerism of adsorbed thymine on gold electrodes: an in situ surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopy studyELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2015A 2D graphene-manganese oxide nanosheet hybrid synthesized by a single step liquid-phase co-exfoliation method for supercapacitor applicationsELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2014In situ Fourier transform infrared reflection absortion spectroscopy study of adenine adsorption on gold electrodes in basic mediaELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2013New trends in studies on electrolytic redox systemsELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2012In situ infrared study of adenine adsorption on gold electrodes in acid mediaELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2012The effect of nickel on alloy microstructure and electrochemical behaviour of AA1050 aluminium alloy in acid and alkaline solutionsELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2011Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of a surface confined redox reaction: The reduction of azobenzene on mercury in the absence of diffusionELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2010Kinetics of adenine adsorption on Au(111) electrodes: An impedance studyELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2009Catalytic efficiency of natural and synthetic compounds used as laccase-mediators in oxidising veratryl alcohol and a kraft lignin, estimated by electrochemical analysisELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Editorial2009Special issue: electrochemistry down to the molecular level interfacial science for life and technology forewordELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2007Adenine adsorption on Au(111) and Au(100) electrodes: Characterisation, surface reconstruction effects and thermodynamic studyELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2005Photocatalysis in the visible range of sub-stoichiometric anatase films prepared by MOCVDELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2000Voltammetry of surface redox processes perturbed by a father-son reactionELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo1998SNIFTIRS studies of the electrical double layer at gold electrodesELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo1996Application of the MPB theory to the analysis of the ion-free layer thicknessELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo1991A mean field analysis of an ion-dipole mixture against a charged hard wall with specific dipole adsorption: classification of differential capacity plotsELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo1983Mechanism of dialuric acid oxidation on a mercury-electrodeELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo1980Mechanism of dihydroxyfumaric acid oxidation on a mercury electrodeELECTROCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo1978Oxidation of l-ascorbic-acid on a gold electrodeELECTROCHIMICA ACTA