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Publicaciones en la fuente Procedia Manufacturing

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Artículo2020Hole-flanging of AA7075-O sheets: conventional process versus SPIFProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2020On the manufacturing of highly-customized near net-shape medical implants using magnesium alloy sheetProcedia Manufacturing
Artículo2019Analysis of the failure of H240LA steel sheets subjected to stretch-bending conditionsProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2019Preliminary ontology definition for aerospace assembly lines in airbus using models for manufacturing methodologyProcedia Manufacturing
Artículo2019Process window of tube-end inversion: Experimentation and numerical analysisProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2019Variation propagation of bench vises in multi-stage machining processesProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2017Efficiency assessment of Reconfigurable Manufacturing SystemsProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2017Enhanced manufacturing storage management using data mining prediction techniquesProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2017New design and manufacturing technologies for craft productsProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2017Numerical explicit analysis of hole flanging by single-stage incremental formingProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2017Preliminary investigation on homogenization of the thickness distribution in hole-flanging by SPIFProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2017Smart Industrial Metabolism: a literature review and futureProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2017State of the Industry 4.0 in the Andalusian food sectorProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2017The challenge of integrating Industry 4.0 in the degree of Mechanical EngineeringProcedia Manufacturing
Ponencia2017Virtual improvement of a historical aircraft assembly lineProcedia Manufacturing