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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2020A genetic map of the response to DNA damage in human cellsCELL
Artículo2020Co-option of Neutrophil Fates by Tissue EnvironmentsCELL
Artículo2019Genomic Relationships, Novel Loci, and Pleiotropic Mechanisms across Eight Psychiatric DisordersCELL
Revisión2019R Loops: From Physiological to Pathological RolesCELL
Revisión2019The Extracellular RNA Communication Consortium: Establishing Foundational Knowledge and Technologies for Extracellular RNA ResearchCELL
Artículo2019UBQLN4 Represses Homologous Recombination and Is Overexpressed in Aggressive TumorsCELL
Artículo2018Genomic Dissection of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia, Including 28 SubphenotypesCELL
Artículo2018Structures of DPAGT1 Explain Glycosylation Disease Mechanisms and Advance TB Antibiotic DesignCELL
Artículo2017Interspecies chimerism with mammalian pluripotent stem cellsCELL
Artículo2016In vivo amelioration of age-associated hallmarks by partial reprogrammingCELL
Artículo2014An O-2-sensitive glomus cell-stem cell synapse induces carotid body growth in chronic hypoxiaCELL
Artículo2013Gene expression is circular: factors for mRNA degradation also foster mRNA synthesisCELL
Artículo2012Step-Wise Methylation of Histone H3K9 Positions Heterochromatin at the Nuclear PeripheryCELL
Artículo2011The Replication Checkpoint Protects Fork Stability by Releasing Transcribed Genes from Nuclear PoresCELL
Editorial2008Nuclear Roadblocks for mRNA exportCELL
Artículo2007Glia-like stem cells sustain physiologic neurogenesis in the adult mammalian carotid bodyCELL
Revisión2007Snapshot: Rho family GTPasesCELL
Artículo2006Distinct ubiquitin-ligase complexes define convergent pathways for the degradation of ER proteinsCELL
Artículo2005alpha-synuclein cooperates with CSP alpha in preventing neurodegenerationCELL
Artículo2001Protein sorting upon exit from the endoplasmic reticulumCELL
Artículo1990Floricaula - a homeotic gene required for flower development in antirrhinum-majusCELL