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Publicaciones en la fuente EMBO REPORTS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Break-induced RNA-DNA hybrids (BIRDHs) in homologous recombination: friend or foe?EMBO REPORTS
Artículo2023Centriolar subdistal appendages promote double-strand break repair through homologous recombination.EMBO REPORTS
Artículo2023The P4-ATPase Drs2 interacts with and stabilizes the multisubunit tethering complex TRAPPIII in yeast.EMBO REPORTS
Artículo2021Non-recombinogenic roles for Rad52 in translesion synthesis during DNA damage toleranceEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2020Homologous recombination and Mus81 promote replication completion in response to replication fork blockageEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2019The DNA damage response acts as a safeguard against harmful DNA-RNA hybrids of different originsEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2018Fast neurogenesis from carotid body quiescent neuroblasts accelerates adaptation to hypoxiaEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2018The dual role of the centrosome in organizing the microtubule network in interphaseEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2015Resistance of glia-like central and peripheral neural stem cells to genetically induced mitochondrial dysfunctiondifferential effects on neurogenesisEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2015SUMOylation and PARylation cooperate to recruit and stabilize SLX4 at DNA damage sitesEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2012R-loops cause replication impairment and genome instability during meiosisEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2010The Ste20 kinase misshapen is essential for the invasive behaviour of ovarian epithelial cells in DrosophilaEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2009RNA pol II subunit RPB7 is required for RNA pol I-mediated transcription in Trypanosoma bruceiEMBO REPORTS
Editorial2007How to exchange your partner. Workshop on recombination mechanisms and the maintenance of genomic stabilityEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2006Abrogation of the CLK-2 checkpoint leads to tolerance to base-excision repair intermediatesEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2006Double-strand breaks arising by replication through a nick are repaired by cohesin-dependent sister-chromatid exchangeEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2004Molecular evidence indicating that the yeast PAF complex is required for transcription elongationEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2004The absence of the yeast chromatin assembly factor Asf1 increases genomic instability and sister chromatid exchangeEMBO REPORTS
Artículo2000Fusion proteins and fusion pores - Workshop: Regulated exocytosis and the vesicle cycleEMBO REPORTS