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Publicaciones en la fuente GENES & DEVELOPMENT

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023PLK1 regulates CtIP and DNA2 interplay in long-range DNA end resection.GENES & DEVELOPMENT
Corrección2021Corrigendum: UAP56/DDX39B is a major cotranscriptional RNA-DNA helicase that unwinds harmful R loops genome-wide.GENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2020UAP56/DDX39B is a major cotranscriptional RNA-DNA helicase that unwinds harmful R loops genome-wideGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Revisión2019Transcription-mediated replication hindrance: A major driver of genome instabilityGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2018Yra1-bound RNA-DNA hybrids cause orientation-independent transcription-replication collisions and telomere instabilityGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2017ATR inhibition disrupts rewired homologous recombination and fork protection pathways in PARP inhibitor-resistant BRCA-deficient cancer cellsGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2016Interaction of CCR4-NOT with EBF1 regulates gene-specific transcription and mRNA stability in B lymphopoiesisGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2016Mte1 interacts with Mph1 and promotes crossover recombination and telomere maintenance.GENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2014The yeast and human FACT chromatinreorganizing complexes solve R-loop-mediated transcription-replication conflictsGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2013Mutually exclusive signaling signatures define the hepatic and pancreatic progenitor cell lineage divergenceGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2013The Npl3 hnRNP prevents R-loop-mediated transcription-replication conflicts and genome instabilityGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2008Budding yeast RNA polymerases I and II employ parallel mechanisms of transcriptional terminationGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2008Shugoshin-2 is essential for the completion of meiosis but not for mitotic cell division in miceGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2008Sus1 is recruited to coding regions and functions during transcription elongation in association with SAGA and TREX2GENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2007Activation of the UNC5B receptor by Netrin-1 inhibits sprouting angiogenesisGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2005Bmi-1 promotes neural stem cell self-renewal and neural development but not mouse growth and survival by repressing the p16(Ink4a) and P19(Arf) senescence pathwaysGENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo1997The yeast HPR1 gene has a functional role in transcriptional elongation that uncovers a novel source of genome instabilityGENES & DEVELOPMENT