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Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Drosophila SPG12 ortholog, reticulon-like 1, governs presynaptic ER organization and Ca2+ dynamicsJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2023GPI anchors: regulated as neededJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2022The cytoprotective sequestration activity of small heat shock proteins is evolutionarily conserved.JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2021Rac1-PAK1 regulation of Rab11 cycling promotes junction destabilization.JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2016Limited ER quality control for GPI-anchored proteinsJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2015Nucleocytoplasmic transport in the midzone membrane domain controls yeast mitotic spindle disassemblyJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2015Rme-8 depletion perturbs Notch recycling and predisposes to pathogenic signalingJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Corrección2015Rme-8 depletion perturbs Notch recycling and predisposes to pathogenic signaling (vol 210, pg 303, 2015)JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2012Cdc42 promotes transendothelial migration of cancer cells through beta 1 integrinJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2012CYK4 inhibits Rac1-dependent PAK1 and ARHGEF7 effector pathways during cytokinesisJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2012Meiotic cohesin complexes are essential for the formation of the axial element in miceJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2011Disconnecting the Golgi ribbon from the centrosome prevents directional cell migration and ciliogenesisJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2011RhoA and RhoC have distinct roles in migration and invasion by acting through different targetsJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2010Neuropilin-2 mediates VEGF-C-induced lymphatic sprouting together with VEGFR3JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2009Sem1 is a functional component of the nuclear pore complex-associated messenger RNA export machineryJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2008The yeast p24 complex is required for the formation of COPI retrograde transport vesicles from the Golgi apparatusJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2002Pincher, a pinocytic chaperone for nerve growth factor/TrkA signaling endosomesJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo2000The Emp24 complex recruits a specific cargo molecule into endoplasmic reticulum-derived vesiclesJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo1999Glycosylation can influence topogenesis of membrane proteins and reveals dynamic reorientation of nascent polypeptides within the transloconJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo1999GMAP-210, a cis-Golgi network-associated protein, is a minus end microtubule-binding proteinJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo1993Cell type-dependent variations in the subcellular distribution of α-mannosidase I and IIJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY
Artículo1989Precursors of chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan are segregated within a subcompartment of the chondrocyte endoplasmic reticulumJOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY