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Artículo2020Hippo pathway effectors YAP1/TAZ induce an EWS-FLI1-opposing gene signature and associate with disease progression in Ewing sarcomaJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Artículo2020Loss of GATA4 causes ectopic pancreas in the stomachJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Artículo2019What's in a name? Molecular subclassification of sarcomas creates fresh challengesJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Artículo2011Down-regulation of spinophilin in lung tumours contributes to tumourigenesisJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Artículo2011Micro-RNA signature of the epithelial-mesenchymal transition in endometrial carcinosarcomaJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Resumen congreso2002Are the intraepidermal high-grade melanocytic lesions the direct precursors of invasive malignant melanomas?JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Ponencia2002Cell kinetics contributions to the differential genetic pattern of C-cell and adrenal medullary hyperplasias in multiple endocrine neoplasia 2AJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Resumen congreso2002Critical reappraisal of pathologic criteria for the diagnosis of adrenocortical proliferative lesionsJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Ponencia2002Regressive features define Spitz tumors as characterized by cell kinetics, cell cycle regulators, and microvessel densityJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Ponencia2001Genetic evolution of neural crest derivatives in multiple endocrine neoplasia 2A. Differential patterns for C-cell and adrenal medullary hyperplasiasJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Ponencia2001Genetic heterogeneity by topographic compartments in pheochromocytomas suggest a convergent cell selection in the peripheral areaJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Ponencia2001Neoplastic progression in the adrenal cortex is better defined by DNA and proliferation heterogeneityJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Ponencia2000Clonal and kinetic profiles correlate with vascular patterns in adrenal cortical lesions.JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Artículo2000Clonal patterns in phaeochromocytomas and MEN-2A adrenal medullary hyperplasias: histological and kinetic correlatesJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Ponencia2000Concordant inactivated X-chromosome results from early monoclonal expansions of neural crest precursors in MEN-2AJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Ponencia1999Clonality patterns in adrenal cortical nodular hyperplasias and adenomas are mainly determined by kinetic features.JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Ponencia1999Is prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia always a precancerous lesion?JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Artículo1992Fabry's disease without angiokeratomas showing unusual eccrine gland vacuolationJOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY