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Publicaciones en la fuente APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Experimental analysis of the effect of hydrogen as the main fuel on the performance and emissions of a modified compression ignition engine with water injection and compression ratio reductionAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2024Innovative desalination system driven by a solar micro gas turbine for off-grid applicationsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2024Joint data reconciliation and artificial neural network based modelling: Application to a cogeneration power plantAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2024Off-design of a CO2-based mixture transcritical cycle for CSP applications: Analysis at part load and variable ambient temperatureAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2023Air-cooled condensers optimization for novel Ultra-Low Charge ammonia chillers to achieve competitive packaged unitsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2023Axial turbine flow path design for concentrated solar power plants operating with CO2 blendsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2023Efficient SrO-based thermochemical energy storage using a closed-loop pressure swingAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2022Analysis of an energy storage system using reversible calcium hydroxide in fluidised-bed reactorsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2022Analysis of an ultra-low temperature district heating and cooling as a storage system for renewable integrationAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2022Economic versus energetic model predictive control of a cold production plant with thermal energy storageAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2022Experimental validation of a dynamic numeric model to simulate the thermal behavior of a facadeAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2022Preliminary investigation on the adoption of CO2-SO2 working mixtures in a transcritical recompression cycleAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2022Thermodynamic analysis of auto-cascade refrigeration cycles, with and without ejector, for ultra low temperature freezing using a mixture of refrigerants R600a and R1150APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021Energy storage system based on transcritical CO2 cycles and geological storageAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021Experimental performance analysis of a novel ultra-low charge ammonia air condensed chillerAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021Prediction of hydrogen-heavy fuel combustion process with water addition in an adapted low speed two stroke diesel engine: performance improvementAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021Thermodynamic analysis of the optimal operating conditions for a two-stage CO2 refrigeration unit in warm climates with and without ejectorAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021Thermoeconomic analysis of CO2 Ejector-Expansion Refrigeration Cycle (EERC) for low-temperature refrigeration in warm climatesAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2020Modelling and cooling power control of a TES-backed-up vapour-compression refrigeration systemAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2019Thermal comfort prediction in a building category: Artificial neural network generation from calibrated models for a social housing stock in southern EuropeAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2018Efficient simulation strategy for PCM-based cold-energy storage systemsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2018Experimental and numerical study on a freeze protection system for flatplate solar collectors with silicone peroxide tubesAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2018Experimental measurement of the filtration efficiency and pressure drop of wall-flow diesel particulate filters (DPF) made of biomorphic Silicon Carbide using laboratory generated particlesAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2018Novel scheme for a PCM-based cold energy storage system. Design, modelling, and simulationAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2017Experimental evaluation of system modifications to increase R1234ze(E) cooling capacityAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2017On the difficulty of globally optimally controlling refrigeration systemsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2017Suboptimal hierarchical control strategy to improve energy efficiency of vapour-compression refrigeration systemsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Revisión2016A review of refrigerant R1234ze(E) recent investigationsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2016Experimental evaluation of HCFO-1233zd-E as HFC-245fa replacement in an Organic Rankine Cycle system for low temperature heat sourcesAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2016Indirect characterisation of indicated power in Stirling engines through brake power measurementsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2016On identifying steady-state parameters of an experimental mechanical-compression refrigeration plantAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015A comparison of the economic benefits of centralized and distributed model predictive control strategies for optimal and sub-optimal mine dewatering system designsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015Analysis of a CHP plant in a municipal solid waste landfill in the South of SpainAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015Experimental characterization of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for micro-scale CHP applicationsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015Fully optimized energy management for propulsion, thermal cooling and auxiliaries of a serial hybrid electric vehicleAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015Multivariable analysis and H-infinity control of a one-stage refrigeration cycleAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015Numerical and experimental analysis of municipal solid wastes gasification processAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015Performance evaluation of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for power applications from low grade heat sourcesAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015Thermodynamic analysis of a combined organic Rankine cycle and vapor compression cycle system activated with low temperature heat sources using low GWP fluidsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2014Drop-in energy performance evaluation of R1234yf and R1234ze(E) in a vapor compression system as R134a replacementsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2014Low GWP alternatives to HFC-245fa in Organic Rankine Cycles for low temperature heat recovery: HCFO-1233zd-E and HFO-1336mzz-ZAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2014Operational improvements to increase the efficiency of an absorption heat pump connected to a multi-effect distillation unitAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2014Shell-and-tube evaporator model performance with different two-phase flow heat transfer correlations. Experimental analysis using R134a and R1234yfAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2014The development and validation of a thermal model for the cabin of a vehicleAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2013Active transient cooling by magnetocaloric materialsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2013Bottoming organic Rankine cycle configurations to increase Internal Combustion Engines power output from cooling water waste heat recoveryAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2013Experimental validation of an optical and thermal model of a linear Fresnel collector systemAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2013Improving the performance of fluidized bed biomass/waste gasifiers for distributed electricity: A new three-stage gasification systemAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2012Fast solution of direct and inverse design problems concerning furnace operation conditions in steel industryAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2012Methodology for the estimation of head inner surface temperature in an air-cooled engineAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2012Part-load analysis of gas turbine & ORC combined cyclesAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2011Alternative cycles based on carbon dioxide for central receiver solar power plantsAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2011Analysis of a new analytical law of heat release rate (HRR) for homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) combustion mode versus analytical parametersAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2011Methodology for the estimation of cylinder inner surface temperature in an air-cooled engineAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2011Modeling of fire-tube boilersAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2009A new heat release rate (HRR) law for homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) combustion modeAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2009Feasibility analysis of a MED desalination plant in a combined cycle based cogeneration facilityAPPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING