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Artículo2023Adipose tissue homeostasis orchestrates the oxidative, energetic, metabolic and endocrine disruption induced by binge drinking in adolescent rats.JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2023Rearrangement of cell types in the rat carotid body neurogenic niche induced by chronic intermittent hypoxia.JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2020Activation of endogenous protein phosphatase 1 enhances the calcium sensitivity of the ryanodine receptor type 2 in murine ventricular cardiomyocytesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Editorial2018All for one - O-2-sensitive K+ channels that mediate carotid body activationJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2017Gene expression analyses reveal metabolic specifications in acute O-2-sensing chemoreceptor cellsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Resumen congreso2017Kinetics of procalcitonin in neutropaenic rats afterbacterial and viral feversJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Resumen congreso2017Role of macrophage inflammatory protein-2 in a rat modelof febrile neutropaeniaJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2016Selective accumulation of biotin in arterial chemoreceptors: requirement for carotid body exocytotic dopamine secretionJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2015Different dynamin blockers interfere with distinct phases of synaptic endocytosis during stimulation in motoneuronesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2015Hypoxic induction of T-type Ca2+ channels in rat cardiac myocytes: role of HIF-1 and RhoA/ROCK signallingJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2014Modulation of the input-output function by GABA(A) receptor-mediated currents in rat oculomotor nucleus motoneuronsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2013Ca2+sensitization due to myosin light chain phosphatase inhibition and cytoskeletal reorganization in the myogenic response of skeletal muscle resistance arteriesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2013Cellular properties and chemosensory responses of the human carotid bodyJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2013Down-regulation of CaV1.2 channels during hypertension: how fewer CaV1.2 channels allow more Ca2+ into hypertensive arterial smooth muscleJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2012Glutamate modulates the firing rate in oculomotor nucleus motoneurons as a function of the recruitment threshold currentJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2012High blood pressure associates with the remodelling of inward rectifier K plus channels in mice mesenteric vascular smooth muscle cellsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2009De novo expression of Kv6.3 contributes to changes in vascular smooth muscle cell excitability in a hypertensive mice strainJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2009Developmental change of T-type Ca2+ channel expression and its role in rat chromaffin cell responsiveness to acute hypoxiaJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2009The spatial pattern of exocytosis and post-exocytic mobility of synaptopHluorin in mouse motor nerve terminalsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2008Tonic and phasic phenomena underlying eye movements during sleep in the catJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2008Tonic inhibition and ponto-geniculo-occipital-related activities shape abducens motoneuron discharge during REM sleepJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2005Comparative gene expression profile of mouse carotid body and adrenal medulla under physiological hypoxiaJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2004Characterization of the Kv channels of mouse carotid body chemoreceptor cells and their role in oxygen sensingJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2003A kinetic study of blinking responses in catsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2003Highly H+-sensitive neurons in the caudal ventrolateral medulla of the ratJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2003Rotenone selectively occludes sensitivity to hypoxia in rat carotid body glomus cellsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2002Human, rat and chicken small intestinal Na+-Cl--creatine transporter: functional, molecular characterization and localizationJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2002Influence of afferent synaptic innervation on the discharge variability of cat abducens motoneuronesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2002Nitric oxide facilitates GABAergic neurotransmission in the cat oculomotor system: a physiological mechanism in eye movement controlJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo2001Amino acids involved in sodium interaction of murine type IINa+-P-i cotransporters expressed in Xenopus oocytesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia2001Functional characterization of small intestine creatine transportJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia2001Studying spatial localisation in cerebellar cortical afferent and efferent pathwaysJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia2000Aquaporins and water secretion pathways in upper malpighian tubules in Rhodnius prolixusJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1998Comparative effects of zinc intestinal absorption through different intestinal segments in offspring rats: effects of ethanolJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1998Cytosolic free calcium measurements in adipocytes of ratJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Resumen congreso1998Differential properties of Ca2+ stores and Ca2+-dependent ionic conductances in conduit and resistance pulmonary arterial myocytesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1998Diversification of potassium channel function by regulatory alpha subunitsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Resumen congreso1998Dynamics of exocytosis of rat chromaffin granulesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1998Effect of chronic ethanol ingestion on zinc duodenal absorption and zinc serum levels during pregnancy or lactation in ratsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1998Effect of ethanol on exocrine pancreatic function in newborn rats at 21 days postpartumJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1998Localization of the mRNAs for several aquaporins along the gastrointestinal tract of ratsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1998Monosaccharide transport in ileal brush-border membrane vesicles of hypertensive ratsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Resumen congreso1998Oestrogen modulation of adrenergic transmission. A model for cross-talk between neurotransmitter and hormone-activated receptorsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1998Pore mutations alter closing and opening kinetics in Shaker K+ channelsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Resumen congreso1998Properties of amperometric spikes studied by patch amperometry Monte Carlo simulation in rat chromaffin cellsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1997Pore mutations in Shaker K+ channels distinguish between the sites of tetraethylammonium blockade and C-type inactivationJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1997Recombinant Ca2+ channels get O2 sensitive.JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996A novel protein expressed early in the chick embryo is a main component in the cytoskeleton of radial gliaJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996Antioxidant defenses in biliary-obstructed rats: Effects of S-adenosylmethionine (SAM)JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1996Contrasting effects of hypoxia on cytosolic Ca2+ spikes in conduit and resistance myocytes of the rabbit pulmonary arteryJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996Cytosolic pH regulation in enterocytes: Recovery from an acid loadJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1996Differential oxygen sensitivity of calcium channels in rabbit smooth muscle cells of conduit and resistance pulmonary arteriesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996Effect of alcohol on the intestinal absorption and the enterohepatic circulation of folatesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Corrección1996Erratum: (Journal of Physiology (1996) 491 (511-518))JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996Factors and molecular mechanisms involved in regulation of chicken colonic luminal membrane Na+-linked transport systemsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996Folic acid levels in serum and milk. Body weights, brain and liver weights, and intestinal length at the end of lactation period. Effects of ethanol and supplementation folic acid dietsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1996Hypothalamic interaction between macrophage inflammatory protein-1 alpha (MIP-1 alpha) and MIP-1 beta in rats: A new level for fever control?JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996Nitric oxide as a neuromodulator in the generation of motor commandsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Resumen congreso1996O-2-sensitive Ca2+ channels in arterial smooth muscle cells and their role in hypoxic vasomotor responsesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996Ouabain-sensitive, K+-activated ATPase activity in the apical membrane of chicken colon and cecumJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996Rostral ventrolateral medulla efferent projections to the area postrema and nucleus of the solitary tract in ratsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996Study of the K+ ionic currents in cultured white adipocytesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1996Ventral respiratory group - A relay centre for forebrain, mesencephalic and spinal cord?JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1995Proton conductance and intracellular ph recovery from an acid load in chicken enterocytesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1993Dual modulation of K+ currents and cytosolic Ca2+ by the peptide TRH and its derivatives in guinea-pig septal neuronesJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1993Fate of central-nervous-system neurons after selective removal of target motoneurons in adult catsJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1992A physiological study of vestibular and prepositus-hypoglossi neurons projecting to the abducens nucleus in the alert catJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1988Ionic basis of the differential neuronal-activity of guinea-pig septal nucleus studied invitroJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Artículo1987Iodide transport in rat small-intestine - dependence on calciumJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON
Ponencia1981Opiates increase chloride permeability of the serosal border of rabbit ileumJOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON