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Publicaciones en la fuente REVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2012Application of the alpha spectrometry for the study of core sediment extracted in the San Marcos dam in ChihuahuaREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Artículo2012Determination of uranium and polonium in "Sparus Aurata" by alpha spectrometryREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Artículo2008Design of a 1-V 90-nm CMOS adaptive LNA for multi-standard wireless receiversREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Ponencia2007Characterization of source rocks and groundwater radioactivity at the Chihuahua valleyREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Artículo2007Radionuclides in the environment in the south of Spain, anthropogenic enhancements due to industryREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Ponencia2003Disentangling the transfer and breakup contributions from the inclusive 8Li+208Pb reactionREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Artículo2002A method of continuum discretization and its application to the scattering of weakly bound nucleiREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Artículo1999A local anharmonic treatment of vibrations of methaneREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Artículo1998Possibility of the existence of fully oxygenated superconducting YBaCuO films with a tetragonal structureREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Artículo1996A symmetry adapted approach to molecular spectroscopy: The anharmonic oscillator symmetry modelREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Artículo1995Algebraic description of stretching and bending modes in nonlinear triatomic-moleculesREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA
Artículo1993Algebraic determination of scattering matricesREVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA