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Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Revisión2024Functional Classification of Intraocular Lenses Based on Defocus Curves: A Scoping Review and Cluster AnalysisJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY
Artículo2022Comparison between the wavefront-optimized and custom-Q aspheric ablation profiles in myopic eyes with two different Q-targets: a contralateral eye studyJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY
Artículo2022Predicted Refraction Variability Due to Reliability of Nine Optical Biometers for Intraocular Lens Power CalculationJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY
Artículo2021Epithelial flap corneal cross-linking.JOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY
Letter2021Ocular dominance and stereopsis as crucial assessment in presbyopia refractive surgeryJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY
Artículo2021Systematic Review of the Use of Supplemental Multifocal Intraocular Lenses in the Ciliary Sulcus for Presbyopia CorrectionJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY
Letter2020Defocus Curves Standardized Criteria on Visual Performance of a Small-Aperture IOL: First Comparison of Results After Contralateral and Bilateral ImplantationJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY
Revisión2019Complications and explantation reasons in Intracorneal Ring Segments (ICRS) implantation: a systematic reviewJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY
Artículo2019Refractive and Visual Outcomes of SUPRACOR TENEO 317 LASIK for Presbyopia in Hyperopic Eyes: 24-Month Follow-upJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY
Artículo2012Corneal Transparency After Cross-linking for Keratoconus: 1-Year Follow-upJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY
Artículo2011Myopic LASIK and LASEK in Patients With Preoperative Mean Central Keratometry >= 47.50 DJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY