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Artículo2023Drivers of diversification in Linum (Linaceae) by means of chromosome evolution: correlations with biogeography, breeding system and habit.ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2023Founder events and subsequent genetic bottlenecks underlie karyotype evolution in the Ibero - North African endemic Carex helodes.ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2023Living at the edge: the functional niche occupation of woody plant communities in the submediterranean ecotoneANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2023Time-calibrated phylogenies reveal mediterranean and pre-mediterranean origin of the thermophilous vegetation of the Canary IslandsANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2022Chromosome size matters: genome evolution in the cyperid clade.ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2021Inter-annual and spatial climatic variability have led to a balance between local fluctuating selection and wide-range directional selection in a perennial grass speciesANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2021Rapid local adaptation in both sexual and asexual invasive populations of monkeyflowers (Mimulus spp.)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2021Reconstruction of the spatio-temporal diversification and ecological niche evolution of Helianthemum (Cistaceae) in the Canary Islands using Genotyping-by-Sequencing dataANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2020Early diversification and permeable species boundaries in the Mediterranean firsANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2020Interactive effects of salinity and inundation on native Spartina foliosa, invasive S. densiflora and their hybrid from San Francisco Estuary, CaliforniaANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2020The role of lateral and vertical herkogamy in the divergence of the blue- and red-flowered lineages of Lysimachia arvensisANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2018Specialized fungal parasites reduce fitness of their lichen hostsANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2017Climatic and topographical correlates of plant palaeo- and neoendemism in a Mediterranean biodiversity hotspotANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2017Uncertain pollination environment promotes the evolution of a stable mixed reproductive system in the self-incompatible Hypochaeris salzmanniana (Asteraceae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2017Variation in the reproductive strategy of a lichenized fungus along a climatic gradientANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2016Neutral processes contribute to patterns of spatial variation for flower colour in the Mediterranean Iris lutescens (Iridaceae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2015Night life on the beach: selfing to avoid pollinator competition between two sympatric Silene speciesANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2015Nitric oxide is required for the auxin-induced activation of NADPH-dependent thioredoxin reductase and protein denitrosylation during root growth responses in arabidopsisANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2013Corolla morphology influences diversification rates in bifid toadflaxes (Linaria sect. Versicolores)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2013Phylogeography and seed dispersal in islands: the case of Rumex bucephalophorus subsp canariensis (Polygonaceae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2013Species coherence in the face of karyotype diversification in holocentric organisms: the case of a cytogenetically variable sedge (Carex scoparia, Cyperaceae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2013The role of short-tongued insects in floral variation across the range of a style-dimorphic plantANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2012Floral and vegetative cues in oil-secreting and non-oil-secreting Lysimachia speciesANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2012Unusual heterostyly: style dimorphism and self-incompatibility are not tightly associated in Lithodora and Glandora (Boraginaceae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2011Endozoochory by beetles: a novel seed dispersal mechanismANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2010Gender-specific costs of reproduction on vegetative growth and physiological performance in the dioecious shrub Corema albumANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2010Patterns of style polymorphism in five species of the South African genus Nivenia (Iridaceae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2009Distribution and diversity of cytotypes in Dianthus broteri as evidenced by genome size variationsANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2009Implications of a long-term, pollinator-mediated selection on floral traits in a generalist herbANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2009The ant-pollination system of Cytinus hypocistis (Cytinaceae), a Mediterranean root holoparasiteANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2009Visibility vs. biomass in flowers: exploring corolla allocation in Mediterranean entomophilous plantsANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2008Carry-over of differential salt tolerance in plants grown from dimorphic seeds of Suaeda splendensANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2008High invasive pollen transfer, yet low deposition on native stigmas in a Carpobrotus-invaded communityANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2008Sexual dimorphism in the andromonoecious Euphorbia nicaeensis: Effects of gender and inflorescence developmentANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2007Growth and photosynthetic responses to salinity of the salt-marsh shrub Atriplex portulacoidesANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2007Population genetic structure and hybridization patterns in the mediterranean endemics Phlomis lychnitis and P-Crinita (Lamiaceae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2007Sensitivity of the invasive geophyte Oxalis pes-caprae to nutrient availability and competitionANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2007The endophytic system of mediterranean Cytinus (Cytinaceae) developing on five host cistaceae speciesANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2006Demography of the invasive geophyte Oxalis pes-caprae across a Mediterranean IslandANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2005Dichogamy and sexual dimorphism in floral traits in the andromonoecious Euphorbia boeticaANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2005Flower size variation in Rosmarinus officinalis: Individuals, populations and habitatsANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2005Phenotypic correlations among plant parts in Iberian Papilionoideae (Fabaceae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2004Amino acids composition of Teucrium nutlet proteins and their systematic significanceANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2004Micromorphological studies on seeds of Orobanche species from the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, and their systematic significanceANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2002Functional andromonoecy in Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2002Sex ratio and reproductive effort in the dioecious Juniperus communis subsp alpina (Suter) Celak. (Cupressaceae) along an altitudinal gradientANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2001The variability of organs differentially involved in pollination, and correlations of traits in genisteae (Leguminosae : Papilionoideae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2000Isozyme evidence for natural hybridization in Phlomis (Lamiaceae): Hybrid origin of the rare P. x margaritaeANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2000SEM and light microscope observations on fruit and seeds in Scrophulariaceae from Southwest Spain and their systematic significanceANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo1999Morphological and anatomical studies of Linaria species from south-west Spain: FruitsANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo1999Morphological and anatomical studies of Linaria species from south-west Spain: SeedsANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo1997Gender expression in Abies pinsapo Boiss, a Mediterranean firANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo1997Systematic consideration of microcharacters of fruits and seeds in the genus Verbascum (Scrophulariaceae)ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo1996Density effect on the fruit-set, seed crop viability and seedling vigour of Abies pinsapoANNALS OF BOTANY