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Artículo2024A profitability study for catalytic ammonia production from renewable landfill biogas: Charting a route for the next generation of green ammoniaFUEL
Artículo2024Enhanced low-temperature CO2 methanation over La-promoted NiMgAl LDH derived catalyst: Fine-tuning La loading for an optimal performanceFUEL
Artículo2024Evaluation of Pt/TiO2-Nb2O5 systems in the photocatalytic reforming of glucose for the generation of H2 from industrial effluentsFUEL
Artículo2024Feedstock recycling of cable plastic residue via steam cracking on an industrial-scale fluidized bedFUEL
Artículo2024Petaloid ZnAlOx/HZSM-5 catalyst with metal modification for highly selective conversion of syngas to value-added aromaticsFUEL
Editorial2023Advanced materials for CO2 capture, storage and utilization, International Materials Research Congress, IMRC 2021FUEL
Artículo2023Catalytic performance of cobalt supported onto APTES functionalized TiO2 for Fischer-Tropsch reactionFUEL
Artículo2023Correlations between product distribution and feedstock composition in thermal cracking processes for mixed plastic wasteFUEL
Artículo2023Design and performance analysis of a solar dual fluidized bed gasifierFUEL
Artículo2023Effect of biomass ash on preventing aromatization of olefinic cracking products in dual fluidized bed systemsFUEL
Artículo2023In-situ DRIFTS steady-state study of CO2 and CO methanation over Ni-promoted catalystsFUEL
Artículo2023Iron based oxygen-carrier-aided oxy-fuel combustion of coal char: reactivity and oxygen transfer mechanismFUEL
Artículo2023Polystyrene-based hybrid solid acids with tunable hydrophobicity for the synthesis of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers from formaldehyde and methanolFUEL
Artículo2023Tailored acidic deep eutectic solvents: A multifunctional co-catalyst mediating homogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous separation of ethylene methoxycarbonylationFUEL
Artículo2023Thermochemical recycling of tall oil pitch in a dual fluidized bedFUEL
Artículo2022Catalytic reforming of model biomass-derived producer gasFUEL
Artículo2022Development of one-pot Cu/cellulose derived carbon catalysts for RWGS reactionFUEL
Artículo2022Elucidating the synergistic fabrication of dual embedded (?-Fe5C2+0-Fe3C) carbide nanocomposites in Na-FeCa@AC/HZSM-5 integrated catalyst for syngas conversion to aromaticsFUEL
Artículo2022Hydrogen production from landfill biogas: profitability analysis of a real case studyFUEL
Artículo2022Ni-Phosphide catalysts as versatile systems for gas-phase CO2 conversion: impact of the support and evidences of structure-sensitivityFUEL
Artículo2022p Economic approach for CO2 valorization from hydrothermal carbonization streams via reverse water shift reactionFUEL
Artículo2022Pursuing efficient systems for glucose transformation to levulinic acid: Homogeneous vs. heterogeneous catalysts and the effect of their co-actionFUEL
Artículo2022The direct synthesis of dimethyl ether (DME) from landfill gas: A techno-economic investigationFUEL
Artículo2022Understanding the promotional effect of Pt/CeO2 in cobalt-catalyzed Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using operando infrared spectroscopy at moderated pressuresFUEL
Artículo2022Versatile Ni-Ru catalysts for gas phase CO2 conversion: Bringing closer dry reforming, reverse water gas shift and methanation to enable end-products flexibilityFUEL
Artículo2021Boosting the catalytic efficiency of platinum nanoparticles supported on pristine carbon nanotubes: synergistic effects of conducting polymersFUEL
Artículo2021Engineering Ni/SiO2 catalysts for enhanced CO2 methanationFUEL
Artículo2021Impact of flame confinement with inert ceramic foams on the particulate emissions of domestic heating systemsFUEL
Artículo2021Synergy of Lewis and BrOnsted acid sites for polyoxymethylene dimethyl ether synthesis from methanol and formaldehyde solution over Zr4+ modified sulfonated resinFUEL
Artículo2020Modeling the transient response of a fluidized-bed biomass gasifierFUEL
Artículo2019Biomethane production improvement by enzymatic pre-treatments and enhancers of sewage sludge anaerobic digestionFUEL
Artículo2019Cetane number prediction of waste cooking oil-derived biodiesel prior to transesterification reaction using near infrared spectroscopyFUEL
Artículo2019Colombian metallurgical coke as catalysts support of the direct coal liquefactionFUEL
Artículo2019Free radicals formation on thermally decomposed biomassFUEL
Artículo2019Scale effects and mechanisms ruling the onset of wastewater sludges self-heatingFUEL
Artículo2019Smouldering of different dry sewage sludges and residual reactivity of their intermediatesFUEL
Artículo2018Outstanding performance of rehydrated Mg-Al hydrotalcites as heterogeneous methanolysis catalysts for the synthesis of biodieselFUEL
Artículo2018Performance improvement in olive stone's combustion from a previous carbonization transformationFUEL
Artículo2018The influence of volatiles to carrier gas ratio on gas and tar yields during fluidized bed pyrolysis testsFUEL
Artículo2017CO2 capture performance of Ca-Mg acetates at realistic Calcium Looping conditionsFUEL
Artículo2017Experimental investigation on the smouldering of pine barkFUEL
Artículo2017Low temperature glycerol steam reforming on bimetallic PtSn/C catalysts: On the effect of the Sn contentFUEL
Artículo2017The effect of using thermocouples on the char particle combustion in a fluidized bed reactorFUEL
Artículo2017The effects of calcium and potassium on CO2 gasification of birch wood in a fluidized bedFUEL
Artículo2017Torrefaction of olive tree pruning: Effect of operating conditions on solid product propertiesFUEL
Artículo2016Anthracene aquacracking using NiMo/SiO2 catalysts in supercritical water conditionsFUEL
Artículo2016Hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol: Tuning the selectivity to cyclohexene by introducing Ni nanoparticles inside carbon nanotubesFUEL
Artículo2016Turnover rates for the supercritical water reforming of glycerol on supported Ni and Ru catalystsFUEL
Artículo2015A new model of the carbonator reactor in the calcium looping technology for post-combustion CO2 captureFUEL
Artículo2015Biodiesel production from wet microalgal biomass by direct transesterificationFUEL
Artículo2015Geometrical parameter evaluation of a 0.5 MWth bench-scale oxy-combustion burnerFUEL
Artículo2015Techno-economic assessment of hydrogen and power production from supercritical water reforming of glycerolFUEL
Artículo2014Carbon-supported Pd nanoparticles as catalysts for anthracene hydrogenationFUEL
Artículo2014Effects of animal fat based biodiesel on a TDI diesel engine performance, combustion characteristics and particle number and size distribution emissionsFUEL
Artículo2014Effects of the addition of oxygenated fuels as additives on combustion characteristics and particle number and size distribution emissions of a TDI diesel engineFUEL
Artículo2014Gasification kinetics of char from olive tree pruning in fluidized bedFUEL
Artículo2014Gold supported on CuOx/CeO2 catalyst for the purification of hydrogen by the CO preferential oxidation reaction (PROX)FUEL
Artículo2014High and stable CO2 capture capacity of natural limestone at Ca-looping conditions by heat pretreatment and recarbonation synergyFUEL
Artículo2014Modeling biomass char gasification kinetics for improving prediction of carbon conversion in a fluidized bed gasifierFUEL
Artículo2014Multicyclic conversion of limestone at Ca-looping conditions: The role of solid-sate diffusion controlled carbonationFUEL
Artículo2013Estimation of gas composition and char conversion in a fluidized bed biomass gasifierFUEL
Artículo2013Gasification of char from dried sewage sludge in fluidized bed: Reaction rate in mixtures of CO2 and H2OFUEL
Artículo2013Hot gas filters for coal-based power generation systems: Operating experiencesFUEL
Artículo2013Methanol synthesis from syngas obtained by supercritical water reforming of glycerolFUEL
Artículo2013New candle prototype for hot gas filtration industrial applicationsFUEL
Artículo2013Optimization of char and tar conversion in fluidized bed biomass gasifiersFUEL
Artículo2013The influence of temperature and steam on the yields of tar and light hydrocarbon compounds during devolatilization of dried sewage sludge in a fluidized bedFUEL
Artículo2012Estimation of gas composition and char conversion in a fluidized bed biomass gasifierFUEL
Artículo2012Fate and abatement of mercury and other trace elements in a coal fluidised bed oxy combustion pilot plantFUEL
Artículo2012Gasification of biomass and waste in a staged fluidized bed gasifier: Modeling and comparison with one-stage unitsFUEL
Artículo2012Gasification reactivity of char from dried sewage sludge in a fluidized bedFUEL
Artículo2012Partitioning of trace inorganic elements in a coal-fired power plant equipped with a wet Flue Gas Desulphurisation systemFUEL
Artículo2012The retention capacity for trace elements by the flue gas desulphurisation system under operational conditions of a co-combustion power plantFUEL
Artículo2011Application of biomass gasification fly ash for brick manufacturingFUEL
Artículo2011Assessment of plate-wire electrostatic precipitators based on dimensional and similarity analysesFUEL
Artículo2010Assessment performance of high-temperature filtering elementsFUEL
Artículo2010Determination of optimal pre-treatment conditions for ethanol production from olive-pruning debris by simultaneous saccharification and fermentationFUEL
Artículo2009Waste stabilization/solidification of an electric arc furnace dust using fly ash-based geopolymersFUEL
Artículo2008A three-step metal fractionation scheme for fly ashes collected in an Argentine thermal power plantFUEL
Artículo2008Effect of carbonaceous matter contents on the fire resistance and mechanical properties of coal fly ash enriched mortarsFUEL
Artículo2008Hydrogen production for fuel cell by oxidative reforming of diesel surrogate: Influence of ceria and/or lanthana over the activity of Pt/Al2O3 catalystsFUEL
Artículo2008Influence of the co-firing on the leaching of trace pollutants from coal fly ashFUEL
Artículo2005Application of zeolitised coal fly ashes to the depuration of liquid wastesFUEL
Artículo2005Influence of the type of ash on the fire resistance characteristics of ash-enriched mortarsFUEL
Artículo2005Reaction-diffusion model of TGA gasification experiments for estimating diffusional effectsFUEL
Artículo2002CESAR-SIRE: advanced software for boiler efficiency and NOx optimisationFUEL
Artículo2002Diffusional effects in TGA gasification experiments for kinetic determinationFUEL
Artículo2002Opticom: Advanced automatic monitoring system of local combustion conditions for improving boiler performance in PC power plants.FUEL