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Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2015Long-term monitoring of the critically endangered limpet Patella ferruginea Gmelin, 1791: new ecological insights and first demographic resultsJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo2011Environmentally mediated sex change in the endangered limpet patella ferruginea (gastropoda: patellidae)JOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo2005Phylogenetic relationships of Iberus gualtieranus and I-Alonensis (Gastropoda : Helicidae) based on partial mitochondrial 16S rRNA and COI gene sequencesJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo2004Extinction risk and harbours as marine reserves?JOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo2002The diet of Platydoris argo (Gastropoda : Nudibranchia) and the dietary specialization of sponge eating doridsJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo2000A new species of Berthella Blainville, 1824 (Opisthobranchia : Notaspidea) from the Canary Islands (Eastern Atlantic Ocean), with a re-examination of the phylogenetic relationships of the NotaspideaJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo2000The molluscan epifauna of the alga Halopteris scoparia in southern Spain as a bioindicator of coastal environmental conditionsJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1991A New Species of Tergipedidae (Nudibranchia: Aeolidoidea) from the Atlantic Coast of Southern SpainJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1991Haminaea-templadoi, a new species of cephalaspidean opisthobranch from the Atlantic Iberian CoastJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1991The Genus Runcina Forbes and Hanley, 1851 (Opisthobranchia: Cephalaspidea) in the Strait of Gibraltar, with the Description of a New Species from the Bay of AlgecirasJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1990Description of Eubranchus-linensis new species (nudibranchia), with remarks on diauly in nudibranchsJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1990North-atlantic Spurillid nudibranchs, with a description of a new species, Spurilla-columbina, from the andalusian coast of SpainJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1990The functional anatomy of the feeding apparatus of the nudibranch gastropod Armina maculata rafinesque, 1814, with a comparison with some other opisthobranchsJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1989A new species of the aeolid genus Flabellina (nudibranchia) from the strait of GibraltarJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1989On 2 rare chromodorid nudibranchs (Opisthobranchia, Chromodorididae) from the eastern atlantic, with the description of a new species of glossodorisJOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1985Anatomia funcional de la musculatura del aparato bucal de Godiva banyulensis (Gastropoda opisthobranchia aeolidacea)JOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1985Redescription of Geitodoris-planata (Alder and Hancock, 1846) (Gastropoda, Nudibranchia)JOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES
Artículo1985Revisión de Spurilla neapolitana delle Chiaje, 1823 (Mollusca: Nudibranchia)JOURNAL OF MOLLUSCAN STUDIES