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Publicaciones en la fuente RSC ADVANCES

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Lattice vibration modes and electron-phonon interactions in monolayer vs. bilayer of transition metal dichalcogenidesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2023Biochar production from cellulose under reductant atmosphere: influence of the total pyrolysis time.RSC ADVANCES
Artículo2023Integrating a micro-mixing mechanism and on-line thermal processing for the large-scale ejection of polymeric liquid threads for producing ultrafine fibersRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2021Polyaniline coated tungsten trioxide as an effective adsorbent for the removal of orange G dye from aqueous mediaRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2020A biradical oxo-molybdenum complex containing semiquinone and: o -aminophenol benzoxazole-based ligandsRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2020Crystal structure, magneto-structural correlation, thermal and electrical studies of an imidazolium halometallate molten salt: (trimim)[FeCl4]RSC ADVANCES
Corrección2020Crystal structure, magneto-structural correlation, thermal and electrical studies of an imidazolium halometallate molten salt: (trimim)[FeCl4] (vol 10, pg 11200, 2020)RSC ADVANCES
Artículo2020From cyclic amines and acetonitrile to amidine zinc(ii) complexesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2020Measuring nanoparticle-induced resonance energy transfer effect by electrogenerated chemiluminescent reactionsRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2020The closed-edge structure of graphite and the effect of electrostatic chargingRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2019Analysis of energies of halogen and hydrogen bonding interactions in the solid state structures of vanadyl Schiff base complexesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2019Stabilization of two conformers via intra- or inter-molecular hydrogen bonds in a dinuclear vanadium(v) complex with a pendant Schiff base: theoretical insightRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2019Tar yield and composition from poultry litter gasification in a fluidised bed reactor: effects of equivalence ratio, temperature and limestone additionRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2018Decorating a single giant DNA with gold nanoparticlesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2018Surface modification of CoCr alloys by electrochemical reduction of diazonium saltsRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Constant rate thermal analysis of a dehydrogenation reactionRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Deciphering of polycationic carbohydrate based non-viral gene delivery agents by ESI-LTQ-Orbitrap using CID/HCD pairwise tandem mass spectrometryRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Dual drug-loaded halloysite hybrid-based glycocluster for sustained release of hydrophobic moleculesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Monolithic supports based on biomorphic SiC for the catalytic combustion of hydrogenRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Optimization of a green emulsion stability by tuning homogenization rateRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Pseudo enantiomeric mixed S/P ligands derived from carbohydrates for the 1,4-addition of phenyl boronic acid to cyclohexenoneRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Ripening and recrystallization of NaCl nanocrystals in humid conditionsRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Tailor-made preparation of Co-C, Co-B, and Co catalytic thin films using magnetron sputtering: insights into structure-composition and activation effects for catalyzed NaBH4 hydrolysisRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Targeted multifunctional tannic acid nanoparticlesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Timing of calcium nitrate addition affects morphology, dispersity and composition of bioactive glass nanoparticlesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2016Use of steel slag for CO2 capture under realistic calcium-looping conditionsRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015Antileishmanial activity of sp(2)-iminosugar derivativesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015Cell uptake mechanisms of glycosylated cationic pDNA-cyclodextrin nanoparticlesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015Characterization of supports activated with divinyl sulfone as a tool to immobilize and stabilize enzymes via multipoint covalent attachment. Application to chymotrypsinRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015CIELab chromaticity evolution to measure the binding free energy of non-colored biomolecules to gold nanoparticlesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015DNA conformational changes induced by cationic gemini surfactants: the key to switching DNA compact structures into elongated formsRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015Fluorescence quenching of 1-pyrene-carboxaldehyde by iodide ions in the presence of anionic (SDS) and cationic (CTAC) micelles: a quantitative treatmentRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015Gold nanoparticles are suitable cores for building tunable iminosugar multivalencyRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015Harmonized tuning of nucleic acid and lectin binding properties with multivalent cyclodextrins for macrophage-selective gene deliveryRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015In vivo pharmacokinetics of T-2 contrast agents based on iron oxide nanoparticles: optimization of blood circulation timesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015Nanoparticle size influences the proliferative responses of lymphocyte subpopulationsRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015p-Nitrobenzenesulfonamides and their fluorescent dansylsulfonamides derived from N-alkylated o-(purine-methyl)anilines as novel antitumour agentsRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015Synthesis of hyperpolarizable biomaterials at molecular level based on pyridinium-chitosan complexesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2015Unprecedented inhibition of glycosidase-catalyzed substrate hydrolysis by nanodiamond-grafted OglycosidesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2014A simple model for the behavior of multisite receptors in photochemical processesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2014Chemistry, nanostructure and magnetic properties of Co-Ru-B-O nanoalloysRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2014Surface oxygen vacancies in gold based catalysts for CO oxidationRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2014The effect of hydroxytyrosol and its nitroderivatives on catechol-O-methyl transferase activity in rat striatal tissueRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2013Proline-coated gold nanoparticles as a highly efficient nanocatalyst for the enantioselective direct aldol reaction in waterRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2012Coordination chemistry of titanium and zinc in Ti(1-x)Zn2xO2 (0 <= x <= 1) ultrathin films grown by DC reactive magnetron sputteringRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2012Ti(III)-Catalyzed, concise synthesis of marine furanospongian diterpenesRSC ADVANCES
Artículo2012Unprecedented spiro-annelated sugar isoureas, guanidines and amidines as new families of glycosidase inhibitorsRSC ADVANCES