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Publicaciones en la fuente FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2022Evolution of predator-prey interactions during range expansion in an aquatic insect predatorFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2021Do visual traits honestly signal floral rewards at community level?FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2021Interactions among global change pressures act in a non-additive way on bumblebee individuals and coloniesFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2021To grow or survive: Which are the strategies of a perennial grass to face severe seasonal stress?FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Revisión2019Seeing the forest for the trees: Putting multilayer networks to work for community ecologyFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2018Contrasting plant water-use responses to groundwater depth in coastal dune ecosystemsFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2017Biological invasion modifies the co-occurrence patterns of insects along a stress gradientFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2017Influence of the honeybee and trait similarity on the effect of a non-native plant on pollination and network rewiringFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2016Sampling networks of ecological interactionsFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2015Beyond species loss: the extinction of ecological interactions in a changing worldFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2012Early resistance of alien and native pines against two native generalist insect herbivores: no support for the natural enemy hypothesisFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2010Number and colour composition of nest lining feathers predict eggshell bacterial community in barn swallow nests: an experimental studyFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2008Symbiotic association between hoopoes and antibiotic-producing bacteria that live in their uropygial glandFUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY