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Publicaciones en la fuente ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Medium- and long-term demand estimation integrating emerging technologiesELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2024Novel IEC 61850-based off-site engineering and validation methodology for protection, automation, and control systemsELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2024Reliability assessment of dynamic line rating methods based on conductor temperature estimationELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2023A fitting procedure for probability density functions of service restoration times. Application to underground cables in medium-voltage networksELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2023Use of ultracapacitor for provision of inertial response in virtual synchronous generator: design and experimental validationELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2022Evaluation of the power frequency magnetic field generated by three-core armored cables through 3D finite element simulationsELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2022Experimental validation of ultra-shortened 3D finite element electromagnetic modeling of three-core armored cables at power frequencyELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2022Improving supply quality in distribution power networks: a game-theoretic planning approachELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2022Influence of the wind variability on the calculation of dynamic line ratingELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2021Analysis of frequency-dependent network equivalents in dynamic harmonic domainELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2020A systematic approach to service restoration in distribution networksELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2020Failure rates in distribution networks: Estimation methodology and applicationELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Revisión2020Inductive fault current limiters: a reviewELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2020Power injection model of IDC-PFC for NR-based and technical constrained MT-HVDC grids power flow studiesELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2019Parameter estimation of fully regulated synchronous generators using Unscented Kalman FiltersELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2018Partial discharge detection using PLC receivers in MV cables: A theoretical frameworkELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2017Controlled switching strategies for transformer inrush current reduction: a comparative studyELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2017Grid-forming VSC control in four-wire systems with unbalanced nonlinear loadsELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Modeling dispersion of partial discharges due to propagation velocity variation in power cablesELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Optimal gang-operated switching for transformer inrush current reductionELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Design of active loops for magnetic field mitigation in MV/LV substation surroundingsELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Hybrid real-complex current injection-based load flow formulationELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Inrush current mitigation in three-phase transformers with isolated neutralELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Probabilistic load flow with versatile non-Gaussian power injectionsELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Time domain analysis of partial discharges envelope in medium voltage XLPE cablesELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2014Magnetic field shielding optimization in underground power cable duct banksELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2013Fast and reliable distribution load and state estimatorELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Revisión2012Mixed-integer linear programming model for solving reconfiguration problems in large-scale distribution systemsELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2012Multi-machine power system stability improvement using an observer-based nonlinear controllerELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2011A heuristic technique to determine corrective control actions for reactive power flowsELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2011A taxonomy of multi-area state estimation methodsELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2011An iterative method for controlling reactive power flow in boundary transformersELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2011State-of-the-art, challenges, and future trends in security constrained optimal power flowELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2010A simpler and exact mathematical model for the computation of the minimal power losses treeELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2010Preventive voltage control actions to securely face load evolution in power systemsELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2010Stability analysis of five-phase induction motor drives with variable third harmonic injectionELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH
Artículo2003Reactive power optimization and voltage control in the Western Algerian transmission system: a hybrid approachELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH