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Publicaciones en la fuente AI COMMUNICATIONS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2016Enhancing the management of resource-aware business processesAI COMMUNICATIONS
Ponencia2016Enterprise information integrationAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Improving models for environmental applications of LiDAR: Novel approaches based on soft computingAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Improving semantic Web services discovery and ranking: A lightweight, integrated approachAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Model tree to improve the inference of gene association networksAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016MOSES: A Metaheuristic Optimization Software EcoSystemAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016On the automated analysis of WS-Agreement documents: Applications to the processes of creating and monitoring agreementsAI COMMUNICATIONS
Ponencia2016OPBUS: A framework for improving the dependability of risk-aware business processesAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Sketch retrieval based on qualitative shape similarity matching: Towards a tool for teaching geometry to childrenAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014Energy Saving Policies in Grid Computing and Smart EnvironmentsAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Constraint-based planning and scheduling techniques for the optimized management of business processesAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Detection of dishonest behaviors in on-line networks using graph-based ranking techniquesAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Diagnostic reasoning with structural analysis and constraint programming for quality improvement of business process management systemsAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012Feature-based opinion extraction: A practical, domain-adaptable approachAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012Fusion of knowledge towards the identification of genetic profilesAI COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2007A compiled model for faults diagnosis based on different techniquesAI COMMUNICATIONS