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Publicaciones en la fuente STATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2016Slash distributions of the sum of independent logistic random variablesSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2011Spectral convergence for a general class of random matricesSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2009On Cantrell-Rosalsky's strong laws of large numbersSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2006Consistency of the reduced bootstrap for sample meansSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2005A note on the distribution of kth records from discrete distributionsSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2005Asymptotic probability for the bootstrapped means deviations from the sample meanSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2005Bootstrap estimation of the distribution of Matusita distance in the mixed caseSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2005kth records from discrete distributionsSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2003Bootstrapping parameter estimated degenerate U and V statisticsSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2001Convergence of randomly weighted sums of Banach space valued random elements and uniform integrability concerning the random weightsSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2001On conditional compactly uniform pth-order integrability of random elements in Banach spacesSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2000A reverse martingale property that characterizes the natural exponential family with quadratic variance functionSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2000Lower bounds for the variance in certain nonregular distributionsSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo2000On the weak law for randomly indexed partial sums for arrays of random elements in martingale type p Banach spacesSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo1998Bootstrapping statistical functionalsSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo1997Characterization of lifetime distributions in the L(s)-sense by a generalized spreadSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Artículo1996On the estimation of the unknown sample size from the number of recordsSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS