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Publicaciones en la fuente IET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2020Multiphase current imbalance localisation method applied to natural fault-tolerant strategiesIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
Artículo2020Predictive current control in electrical drives: an illustrated review with case examples using a five-phase induction motor drive with distributed windingsIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
Artículo2019Electromagnetic-based maximum output power control in new two-layer BLDC generator using optimal control of turn-on and turn-off angles in variable speed applicationsIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
Artículo2019Powertrain EV synchronous reluctance motor design with redundant topology with novel controlIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
Artículo2019Predictive controller considering electrical constraints: A case example for five-phase induction machinesIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
Artículo2019Synchronous reluctance six-phase motor proved based EV powertrain as charger/discharger with redundant topology and ORS controlIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
Artículo2017Method for controlling voltage and frequency of the local offshore grid responsible for connecting large offshore commercial wind turbines with the rectifier diode-based HVDC-link applied to an external controllerIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
Revisión2017PMSG-based wind energy conversion systems: survey on power converters and controlsIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
Editorial2017Special Issue: Advances in Multi-MW Wind Energy Conversion SystemsIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
Editorial2017Special Issue: Advances in Predictive Control of Variable-Speed Electric DrivesIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS
Artículo2010Predictive-space vector PWM current control method for asymmetrical dual three-phase induction motor drivesIET ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS