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Artículo2023Crack tip solution for Mode III cracks in spring interfacesENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2023Prediction of failure of hybrid composites with ultra-thin carbon/epoxy layers using the Coupled CriterionENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2023Short crack growth model for the evaluation of the fatigue strength of WAAM Ti-6Al-4V alloy containing pore-type defectsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2022A humidity dose-CZM formulation to simulate new end-of-life recycling methods for photovoltaic laminatesENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2022Development of a microstructural cohesive zone model for intergranular hydrogen environmentally assisted crackingENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2022Experimental evaluation of the similarity in the interface fracture energy between PMMA/epoxy/PMMA and PMMA/epoxy jointsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2021A numerical study of progressive damage in unidirectional composite materials using a 2D lattice modelENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2021Local Maximum Entropy Material Point Method applied to quasi-brittle fractureENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2020Influence of the chevron notch type on the values of fracture energy evaluated on alkali-activated concreteENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2020Interaction between fibres in the transverse damage in compositesENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2018A study of the influence of a nearby fibre on the interface crack growth under transverse compression in composite materialsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2018Effective 2D and 3D crack propagation with local mesh refinement and the screened Poisson equationENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2018Notch bluntness effects on fracture toughness of a modified S690 steel at 150 degrees CENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2017A transferability approach for reducing excessive conservatism in fracture assessmentsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2017Biaxial fatigue limits and crack directions for stainless steel specimens with circular holesENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Editorial2017Special Issue on 'Multiaxial Fracture 2016': Selected papers from the 11th International Conference on Multiaxial Fatigue and Fracture (ICMFF11), held in Seville, Spain, on 1-3 June 2016ENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2016Numerical analysis of the influence of a nearby fibre on the interface crack growth in composites under transverse tensile loadENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2016Numerical simulation of fretting wear in fiber-reinforced composite materialsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Editorial2016Special Issue on Modeling of fracture and damage in composite materials ForewordENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2014A dislocation based method using generative algorithms to model notch geometries: Determination of Mode I SIFsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2014Fatigue life estimation in dental implantsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2014Fiber-size effects on the onset of fiber-matrix debonding under transverse tension: A comparison between cohesive zone and finite fracture mechanics modelsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2013Effect of the presence of a secondary transverse load on the inter-fibre failure under tensionENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2013The influences of non-linear electrical, magnetic and mechanical boundary conditions on the dynamic intensity factors of magnetoelectroelastic solidsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2012Determination of Generalized Fracture Toughness in composite multimaterial closed corners with two singular terms - Part I: Test proposal and numerical analysisENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2012Determination of Generalized Fracture Toughness in composite multimaterial closed corners with two singular terms - Part II: Experimental resultsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2011A general model to estimate life in notches and fretting fatigueENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2009Computing stress singularities in transversely isotropic multimaterial corners by means of explicit expressions of the orthonormalized Stroh-eigenvectorsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2009Critical study of existing solutions for a penny-shaped interface crack, comparing with a new boundary element solution allowing for frictionless contactENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2009Dynamic analysis of interfacial crack problems in anisotropic bi-materials by a time-domain BEMENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2008A two-dimensional time-domain boundary element method for dynamic crack problems in anisotropic solidsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2008Influence of notch radius and R-curve behaviour on the fracture toughness evaluation of WC-Co cemented carbidesENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2008Numerical characterisation of the fibre-matrix interface crack growth in composites under transverse compressionENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2007Application of fracture mechanics to estimate fretting fatigue endurance curvesENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo2004Time-domain BEM for three-dimensional fracture mechanicsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo1999A statistical model for fatigue crack growth under random loads including retardation effectsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo1997Effect of load histories on scatter of fatigue crack growth in aluminum alloy 2024-T351ENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Nota1995A complete field method for the photoelastic determination of K-I and k-II in general mixed-mode fractureENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo1993A two-stage micromechanics model for short fatigue cracksENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo1992Effect of the loading spectrum and history length on fatigue life distribution under random loadingENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo1989Dynamic analysis of cracks using boundary element methodENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo1984Some considerations on dynamic biem-I. A dynamic program for two-dimensional fracture mechanics problemsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS
Artículo1984Some considerations on dynamic biem-II. Applications to two-dimensional fracture mechanics problemsENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICS