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Publicaciones en la fuente DRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021Depression symptom profiles and long-term response to cognitive behavioral therapy plus contingency management for smoking cessationDRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE
Artículo2019Measuring the effects on quality of life and alcohol consumption of a program to reduce binge drinking in Spanish adolescentsDRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE
Artículo2018Attentional bias toward alcohol stimuli as a predictor of treatment retention in cocaine dependence and alcohol user patientsDRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE
Artículo2018Avoiding the ingestion of cytotoxic concentrations of ethanol may reduce the risk of cancer associated with alcohol consumptionDRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE
Resumen congreso2017Delay discounting among smokers, e-cigarette users and non-dependent controlsDRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE
Resumen congreso2017Impulsivity, sensation seeking and substance use among adolescents: A longitudinal researchDRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE
Resumen congreso2017Validation of a purchase task for assessing the relative reinforcing efficacy of e-cigarettesDRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE
Artículo2014Alcohol use disorders among surgical patients: Unplanned 30-days readmissions, length of hospital stay, excessive costs and mortalityDRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE
Artículo2014Contingency management for smoking cessation among treatment-seeking patients in a community settingDRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE
Artículo2014Three-year changes in drinking patterns in Spain: a prospective population-based cohort studyDRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE