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Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Enhancing the Performance of 1-3 Lead-Free Piezoelectric Composites using a CNT Doped MatrixJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Artículo2023Subsurface stresses in flat-punch contact problems including frictionJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Artículo2022Coupling BEM and VEM for the analysis of composite materials with damageJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Artículo2020Computational homogenization of heterogeneous materials by a novel hybrid numerical schemeJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Artículo2019Analysis of 3D Printed Trapezoidal Interfaces by Means of a Novel Cohesive-Based Analytical ApproachJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Artículo2019Crack Surface Frictional Contact Modeling in Fractured Fiber-Reinforced CompositesJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Artículo2019Sequential Linear Analysis for the Prediction of the Symmetrical or Non-Symmetrical Character of the Debond Onset and Propagation Along a Fiber-Matrix InterfaceJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Editorial2019Special Issue - Multiscale Aspects on Computational Contact Mechanics; Editor: Luis Rodriguez-Tembleque PrefaceJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Editorial2019Special Issue on Fracture and Damage Mechanics; Editors: Elena Correa and Luis Rodriguez-Tembleque PrefaceJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Artículo2018Overview of Gc Tests Used to Evaluate Composite–Composite Adhesive JointsJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Artículo2017Symmetrical or non-symmetrical debonds at fiber-matrix interfaces: a study by BEM and finite fracture mechanics on elastic interfacesJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING
Artículo2010Correlation between microstructure and yield stress in magnetically stabilized fluidized bedsJOURNAL OF MULTISCALE MODELING