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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Closed-form expressions for computing flexoelectric coefficients in textured polycrystalline dielectricsAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2023Piecewise smooth systems with a pseudo-focus: a normal form approachAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2023Spatiotemporal synchronous coupling algorithm for urban rail transit timetables design under dynamic passenger demandAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2022A bed pressure correction of the friction term for depth-averaged granular flow modelsAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2022A cooperative game theory approach for location-routing-inventory decisions in humanitarian relief chain incorporating stochastic planningAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2022A possibilistic-robust-fuzzy programming model for designing a game theory based blood supply chain networkAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2022Fully coupled interface-tracking model for axisymmetric ferrohydrodynamic flowsAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2020Coupled fluid-solid thermal interaction modeling for efficient transient simulation of biphasic water-steam energy systemsAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2019On the formulation of a BEM in the Bézier–Bernstein space for the solution of Helmholtz equationAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2017A coupled finite and boundary spectral element method for linear water-wave propagation problemsAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2017Effects of dynamic pricing of perishable products on revenue and wasteAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo20163D explicit-BEM fracture analysis for materials with anisotropic multifield couplingAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2015The impact of the supply chain structure on bullwhip effectAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2014Analysis of numerical stability of algebraic oceanic turbulent mixing layer modelsAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2013Network DEA approach to airports performance assessment considering undesirable outputsAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2011FE simulation of human trachea swallowing movement before and after the implantation of an endoprothesisAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2011From competitive to collaborative supply networks: A simulation studyAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2010Data Envelopment Analysis of multiple response experimentsAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2009Different numerical methods in the study of passive scalar transport in a pipeline x-junctionAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo2002Modelling the suspended matter dynamics in a marine environment using a three dimensional sigma coordinate model: application to the eastern Irish SeaAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo1982Treatment of singularities in 2-D domains using BIEMAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo1981A comparison among different spectrum compatible earthquake simulation methodsAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo1981Triomensional plasticity using BIEMAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING
Artículo1977Boundary element methods for potential problemsAPPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING