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Publicaciones en la fuente SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Bribery, on-the-job training, and firm performanceSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2022Does entrepreneurship fit her? Women entrepreneurs, gender-role orientation, and entrepreneurial cultureSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2021How do country R&D change the allocation of self-employment across different types?SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2021The influence of ecosystems on the entrepreneurship process: a comparison across developed and developing economiesSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2020Analysing the links between cooperative principles, entrepreneurial orientation and performanceSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2020Disclosing ‘masked employees’ in Europe: job control, job demands and job outcomes of ‘dependent self-employed workers’SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2020Export promotion programmes as export performance catalysts for SMEs: insights from an emerging economySMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2020SMEs and entrepreneurship in the era of globalization: advances and theoretical approachesSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2019The effects of innovation on the decisions of exporting and/or importing in SMEs: empirical evidence in the case of SpainSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2019Trade credit versus bank credit: a simultaneous analysis in European SMEsSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2016Process innovation in small businesses: the self-employed as entrepreneursSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2014National culture, entrepreneurship and economic development: different patterns across the European UnionSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2013Capital structure of SMEs in Spanish regionsSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS
Artículo2009Functional dependence and productive dependence of SMEsSMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS