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Publicaciones en la fuente ENGINEERING STRUCTURES

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Anisotropy and compaction gradient assessment on rammed earth specimens through sonic tomography approachENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2024Experimental programme on austenitic stainless steel RHS members subjected to monotonic and cyclic bendingENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo20233D analysis of railway induced vibrations on skew girder bridges including ballast track–bridge interaction effectsENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2023Bayesian structural parameter identification from ambient vibration in cultural heritage buildings: the case of the San Jerónimo monastery in Granada, SpainENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2023Dynamic load allowance of long-span modular steel bridgesENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2023Game theory-based maximum likelihood method for finite-element-model updating of civil engineering structuresENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2023Preliminary structural and seismic performance assessment of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba: The Abd al-Rahman I sectorENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2022Ballast shear effects on the dynamic response of railway bridgesENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2022Theoretical and experimental analysis of the quasi-static and dynamic behaviour of the world's longest suspension footbridge in 2020ENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2021A transfer Bayesian learning methodology for structural health monitoring of monumental structuresENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2021Analysis of the main geometrical characteristics that affect the bonding of ribs in rebars thinly covered to repair masonry structuresENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2021Ballasted track interaction effects in railway bridges with simply-supported spans composed by adjacent twin single-track decksENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2021Integration of disciplines in the structural analysis of historical constructions. The Monastery of San Jerónimo de Buenavista (Seville-Spain)ENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2021On the dynamic characterisation of railway bridges through experimental testingENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2021Optimal ductility enhancement of RC framed buildings considering different non-invasive retrofitting techniquesENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2021The use of receiver operating characteristic curves and precision-versus-recall curves as performance metrics in unsupervised structural damage classification under changing environmentENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2020A collaborative machine learning-optimization algorithm to improve the finite element model updating of civil engineering structuresENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2020Automated operational modal analysis and ambient noise deconvolution interferometry for the full structural identification of historic towers: A case study of the Sciri Tower in Perugia, ItalyENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2020Evaluation of optimal sensor placement algorithms for the Structural Health Monitoring of architectural heritage. Application to the Monastery of San Jerónimo de Buenavista (Seville, Spain)ENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2020Experimental analysis of diagonal compression and splitting tests for the characterization of shear and tensile behavior of adobe masonryENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2019Effect of the end cross beams on the railway induced vibrations of short girder bridgesENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2019On the efficiency of impact sound insulation systems on prefabricated lightweight floor and on standard homogeneous base-floorENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2018E. Torroja's bridge: Tailored experimental setup for SHM of a historical bridge with a reduced number of sensorsENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2018Effect of soil properties on the dynamic response of simply-supported bridges under railway traffic through coupled boundary element-finite element analysesENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2018Two FE models to analyse the dynamic response of short span simply supported oblique high-speed railway bridges: Comparison and experimental validationENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2017Damage detection, localization and quantification in conductive smart concrete structures using a resistor mesh modelENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2017Numerical modelling of the shear-bond behaviour of composite slabs in four and six-point bending testsENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2017Structural safety assessment of geometrically complex masonry vaults by non-linear analysis. The Chapel of the Wurzburg Residence (Germany)ENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2016On the basic phenomenon of soil-structure interaction on the free vibration response of beams: Application to railway bridgesENGINEERING STRUCTURES
Artículo2014Analysis of wind action on unique structures with application to Seville Fair GatewaysENGINEERING STRUCTURES