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Publicaciones en la fuente GENE

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2018The splicing of tiny introns of Paramecium is controlled by MAGOGENE
Artículo2017Lipid metabolism in Rhodnius prolixus: Lessons from the genomeGENE
Artículo2013Cellular overexpression of Aquaporins slows down the natural HIF-2 alpha. degradation during prolonged hypoxiaGENE
Artículo2013Genetic analysis of candidate SNPs for metabolic syndrome in apnea (OSA)GENE
Artículo2008Characterization, genomic organization and chromosomal distribution of Ty1-copia retrotransposons in species of Hypochaeris (Asteraceae)GENE
Artículo2006Characterization and prediction of alternative splice sitesGENE
Artículo2004Molecular evolution of epididymal lipocalin genes localized on mouse chromosome 2GENE
Artículo2004Phylogeny and regulation of four lipocalin genes clustered in the chicken genome: evidence of a functional diversification after gene duplicationGENE
Artículo2004Short-range compositional correlation in the yeast genome depends on transcriptional orientationGENE
Artículo2003A structural and functional study of plastid RNAs homologous to catalytic bacterial RNase P RNAGENE
Artículo2002Cloning, characterization and chromosome mapping of the human SMAP1 geneGENE
Artículo1999Lack of hotspot targets: a constraint for IS30 transposition in SalmonellaGENE
Artículo1997ISRf1, a transposable insertion sequence from Sinorhizobium frediiGENE
Artículo1996Genomic organization of the fungus PhycomycesGENE
Artículo1994Construction of multipurpose gene cartridges based on a novel synthetic promoter for high-level gene-expression in gram-negative bacteriaGENE
Nota1993Sequence-analysis of thymidine kinase-defective mutants of equine herpesvirus-1 (ehv-1)GENE
Artículo1990Nucleotide-sequence and characterization of temperature-sensitive pol1 mutants of saccharomyces-cerevisiaeGENE
Artículo1989The phosphofructokinase genes of yeast evolved from two duplication eventsGENE