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Artículo2024Easy and reproducible minimally invasive colostomy ischaemia and parastomal hernia prevention after abdominoperineal resection - A video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2024European Society of Coloproctology: Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of cryptoglandular anal fistulaCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Otros2023Complex perianal fistula in a patient with Crohn's disease treated with fistula laser closure therapy – A video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2023Description of a new ultrasound sign to distinguish Crohn's anal fistula from cryptoglandular fistula: the rosary signCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2023Expanding the concept of laparoscopic intracorporeal rectus muscle aponeuroplasty (LIRA) to parastomal hernia repair – a video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2023Full endoscopic minimally invasive extraperitoneal modified Sugarbaker approach for para-colostomy hernia repair: Technical aspects and 2-year follow-up results of a prospective cohortCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2023Nerve stimulator guided block for anorectal surgery- a video-vignette.COLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2023Protective ileostomy creation after anterior resection of the rectum: shared decision-making or still subjective?COLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2023Risk factors for anastomotic leakage and postoperative outcomes after total and subtotal colectomy: a nationwide retrospective cohort study (RIALTCOT Study Collaborative Group)COLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2023Transanal indocyanine green injection for lymphatic mapping and image-guided lymphadenectomy in colorectal cáncer: ‘Video Correspondance’COLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2023Treatment of rectourethral fistula by a robotic approach: a video vignette.COLORECTAL DISEASE
Nota2022Laparoscopic transverse colectomy with ICG-guided lymphadenectomy – A video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2022The impact of surgical delay on resectability of colorectal cancer: an international prospective cohort studyCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2021An international assessment of the adoption of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS®) principles across colorectal units in 2019–2020COLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2021Comparative analysis of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Bowel Function Instrument and the Low Anterior Resection Syndrome Questionnaire for assessment of bowel dysfunction in rectal cancer patients after low anterior resectionCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2021Complete mesocolon excision guided by indocyanine green for right colonic cancerCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2021Feasibility and safety of calcium alginate hydrogel sealant for the treatment of cryptoglandular fistula-in-ano: phase I/IIa clinical trialCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2021Interactive 3D vascular reconstruction: a navigation tool to improve safety in laparoscopic D3 right colectomyCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2021Outcomes from elective colorectal cancer surgery during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemicCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2021Reply to Balaphas et al.COLORECTAL DISEASE
Nota2021Report of the President of the AECPCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2021Robotic colectomy and repair of colovesical fistula due to diverticulitis – A video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2021Sphincteroplasty for the treatment of faecal incontinence after an obstetric injury—a video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2021Stem cell therapy for anal fistula treatment – A video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2021Treatment of faecal incontinence with autologous expanded mesenchymal stem cells: results of a pilot studyCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2021Ultrashort-segment Hirschsprung's disease complicated by megarectum – A video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2020Indocyanine-green-guided, ureteric preserving, laparoscopic Hartmann’s procedure for obstructing colonic adenocarcinoma with endometriosis – a video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2020International consensus definition of low anterior resection syndromeCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2020Laparoscopic colonic resection of the splenic flexure using indocyanine green fluorescence for lymphatic mapping - a video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Editorial2020President's Report of the Spanish Society of Coloproctology (AECP)COLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2019Laparoscopic left hemicolectomy with indocyanine green fluorescence angiography for diverticular disease in a patient with intestinal malrotation – a video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2019Perineal rectosigmoidectomy (Altemeier's procedure) for the treatment of full-thickness rectal prolapse - a video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2018An international multicentre prospective audit of elective rectal cancer surgery; operative approach versus outcome, including transanal total mesorectal excision (TaTME)COLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2018Association of mechanical bowel preparation with oral antibiotics and anastomotic leak following left sided colorectal resection: an international, multi-centre, prospective auditCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2018Body mass index and complications following major gastrointestinal surgery: a prospective, international cohort study and meta-analysisCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2018Evaluating the incidence of pathological complete response in current international rectal cancer practice: the barriers to widespread safe deferral of surgeryCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2018Risk factors for unfavourable postoperative outcome in patients with Crohn's disease undergoing right hemicolectomy or ileocaecal resection. An international audit by ESCP and S-ECCOCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2018Safety of primary anastomosis following emergency left sided colorectal resection: an international, multi-centre prospective auditCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2018The impact of conversion on the risk of major complication following laparoscopic colonic surgery: an international, multicentre prospective auditCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2018The impact of stapling technique and surgeon specialism on anastomotic failure after right-sided colorectal resection: an international multicentre, prospective auditCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2017Anal encirclement: a surgical technique for faecal incontinence in patients who are not good candidates for more invasive surgery - a video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2017Is the interval from surgery to ileostomy closure a risk factor for low anterior resection syndrome?COLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2017Mucinous adenocarcinoma arising in an end ileostomy - a video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2017Relationship between method of anastomosis and anastomotic failure after right hemicolectomy and ileo-caecal resection: an international snapshot auditCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2016Perianal approach to ischiorectal fossa tumours - a video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2016Rectal eversion and coloanal anastomosis: a classical technique we should not forget - a video vignetteCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2014Percutaneous neuromodulation of the posterior tibial nerve for the treatment of faecal incontinence - mid- term results: is retreatment required?COLORECTAL DISEASE
Letter2013Gore Bio-A (R) Fistula Plug for complex anal fistula: the results should be interpreted cautiouslyCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2013Impact of a multidisciplinary team training programme on rectal cancer outcomes in SpainCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2013Long-term efficacy of dextranomer in stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA/Dx) for treatment of faecal incontinenceCOLORECTAL DISEASE
Artículo2008Evaluation of the use of PTQ(TM)implants for the treatment of incontinent patients due to internal anal sphincter dysfunctionCOLORECTAL DISEASE