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Publicaciones en la fuente MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Synthesis of 1-DOF mechanisms for exact regular polygonal path generation based on non-circular gear transmissionsMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2023An analytical solution of the rope-sheave contact in static conditions based on a bristle modelMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2022Experimental validation of a constant-force mechanism and analysis of its performance with a calibrated multibody modelMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2022The explanation of two semi-recursive multibody methods for educational purposeMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2021Design of trajectories and torques by parameter optimization for the bench press exercise on a Smith machineMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2020Analysis of the two-point wheel-rail contact scenario using the knife-edge-equivalent contact constraint methodMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2020Artificial neural networks applied to the measurement of lateral wheel-rail contact force: A comparison with a harmonic cancellation methodMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2020Considerations on the operation of inertial continuous variable transmissionsMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2020Dynamic modeling of a radially multilayered tether cable for a remotely-operated underwater vehicle (ROV) based on the absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF)MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2020Geometric method to design bistable and non - bistable deployable structures of straight scissors based on the convergence surfaceMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2020Study of the forward locomotion of a three-dimensional multibody model of a Waveboard by inverse dynamicsMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2019Design and analysis of a constant-force bench pressMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2019Influence of the rectifier mechanism in the performance of an inertial continuous variable transmissionMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2017A touchdown bearing with surface waviness: Friction loss analysisMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2017An arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian discretization method for modeling and simulation of reeving systems in multibody dynamicsMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2017On the design of a scaled railroad vehicle for the validation of computational modelsMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2015Design and analysis of a flexible linkage for robot safe operation in collaborative scenariosMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2014A method to evaluate human skeletal models using marker residuals and global optimizationMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2014Analysis of the transmission ratio and efficiency ranges of the four-, five-, and six-link planetary gear trainsMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2009Shape optimization for path synthesis of crank-rocker mechanisms using a wavelet-based neural networkMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2007Motion data processing and wobbling mass modelling in the inverse dynamics of skeletal modelsMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2005A method for detecting degenerate structures in planetary gear trainsMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo2002The analytical expression of the efficiency of planetary gear trainsMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY
Artículo1999A new numerical method for the dynamic analysis of impact loads in flexible beamsMECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY