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Publicaciones en la fuente MULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024An electric kickscooter multibody model: equations of motion and linear stability analysisMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2023Linearization-based state-transition model for the discrete extended Kalman filter applied to multibody simulationsMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2022Comparison of numerical and computational aspects between two constraint-based contact methods in the description of wheel/rail contactsMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2021Stability analysis of a waveboard multibody model with toroidal wheelsMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2021Wheel–rail contact simulation with lookup tables and KEC profiles: a comparative studyMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2020Influence of the kinematic constraints on dynamic residuals in inverse dynamic analysis during human gait without using force platesMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2020Railway multibody simulation with the knife-edge-equivalent wheel-rail constraint equationsMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2018Flexible multibody modeling of reeving systems including transverse vibrationsMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2018Validation of multibody modeling and simulation using an instrumented bicycle: from the computer to the roadMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2016The effect of kinematic constraints in the inverse dynamics problem in biomechanicsMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2012A bicycle model for education in multibody dynamics and real-time interactive simulationMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2011An approach for modeling long flexible bodies with application to railroad dynamicsMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2008Three-dimensional formulation of rigid-flexible multibody systems with flexible beam elementsMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2004Study of the geometric stiffening effect: Comparison of different formulationsMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2003Dynamic analysis of a light structure in outer space: short electrodynamic tetherMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Artículo2002Influence of reference conditions on the analysis of impact-induced elastic wavesMULTIBODY SYSTEM DYNAMICS