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Publicaciones en la fuente Procedia Structural Integrity

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Ponencia2024Climate Change monitoring with Art-Risk 5: New approach for environmental hazard assessment in Seville and Almería Historic Centres (Spain)Procedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2024Reuse of wood biomass ash to improve thermal behavior of gypsum plastersProcedia Structural Integrity
Artículo2023Investigation of the effect of pitting corrosion on the fatigue strength degradation of structural steel using a short crack modelProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2022Computational semi-analytic code for stress singularity analysisProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2022Finite fracture mechanics from the macro- to the micro-scale. Comparison with the phase field modelProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2022Structural testing and monitoring system: box girder bridge case studyProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2021Crack paths for mild steel specimens with circular holes in high cycle fatigueProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2021Experimental and numerical analysis of fatigue cracks emanating from internal defects in Ti6Al4V SLMProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2021Rolling effect in fretting fatigue test at the crack initiation stageProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2020An iterative technique to assess the fatigue strength of notched componentsProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2020Calculation of fatigue limits in notches with a micro-mechanical model in a simple wayProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2018Influence of rebar design on mechanical behaviour of Tempcore steelProcedia Structural Integrity
Artículo2017Wear damage of TiTaCN-Co cermets at room and elevated temperaturesProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2016Crack deflection in brittle materials by Finite Fracture MechanicsProcedia Structural Integrity
Ponencia2016Influence of a neighbour fibre on the onset and growth of a fibre-matrix debond under biaxial loading. A study by Finite Fracture Mechanics at linear elastic interfaces.Procedia Structural Integrity