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Publicaciones en la fuente PHYSICS OF PLASMAS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Revisión2021Physics and applications of three-ion ICRF scenarios for fusion researchPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2020Fast modeling of turbulent transport in fusion plasmas using neural networksPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2020Reduction of asymmetric wall force in JET and ITER disruptions including runaway electronsPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2019Inducing locally structured ion energy distributions in intermediate-pressure plasmasPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2019Kinetic modeling of ELM-induced tungsten transport in a tokamak plasmaPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2019Non-linear modeling of the threshold between ELM mitigation and ELM suppression by resonant magnetic perturbations in ASDEX upgradePHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2019Performance of Wendelstein 7-X stellarator plasmas during the first divertor operation phasePHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2019Self-consistent pedestal prediction for JET-ILW in preparation of the DT campaignPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2018Dependence of the turbulent particle flux on hydrogen isotopes induced by collisionalityPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2018Filamentary velocity scaling validation in the TCV tokamakPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2018High Z neoclassical transport: Application and limitation of analytical formulae for modelling JET experimental parametersPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2018Non-Maxwellian fast particle effects in gyrokinetic GENE simulationsPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2017Axisymmetric global Alfven eigenmodes within the ellipticity-induced frequency gap in the Joint European TorusPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2017Comparison of JETAVDE disruption data with M3D simulations and implications for ITERPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2017Gyrokinetic modeling of impurity peaking in JET H-mode plasmasPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2017Impact of toroidal and poloidal mode spectra on the control of non-axisymmetric fields in tokamaksPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2016Comparison of dust transport modelling codes in a tokamak plasmaPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2016Stabilization of sawteeth with third harmonic deuterium ICRF-accelerated beam in JET plasmasPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2015The effects of impurities and core pressure on pedestal stability in Joint European Torus (JET)PHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2015The global build-up to intrinsic edge localized mode bursts seen in divertor full flux loops in JETPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2015The impact of poloidal asymmetries on tungsten transport in the core of JET H-mode plasmasPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2015Three-dimensional non-linear magnetohydrodynamic modeling of massive gas injection triggered disruptions in JETPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2008Observation and modeling of fast trapped ion losses due to neoclassical tearing modesPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2004Collisional radiative model of an argon atmospheric capillary surface-wave dischargePHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo2002Gas temperature equation in a high-frequency argon plasma column at low pressuresPHYSICS OF PLASMAS
Artículo1995On the stability conditions of a stationary argon plasma at atmospheric-pressure conditionsPHYSICS OF PLASMAS