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Publicaciones en la fuente HYDROMETALLURGY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Extraction of antimony from a hydrochloric acid side stream of copper electro-refining by hydrolysisHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2021A novel hydrometallurgical treatment for the recovery of copper, zinc, lead and silver from bulk concentratesHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2021The BRISA process as a path for efficient copper recovery from waste PCBsHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2018The effect of temperature on the bio-oxidation of mining effluents containing tetrathionateHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2017Optimizing operating conditions in an ion-exchange column treatment applied to the removal of Sb and Bi impurities from an electrolyte of a copper electro-refining plantHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2017Oxygen solubility in copper bioleaching solutionsHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2011Zinc recovery from an effluent using lonquest 290: From laboratory scale to pilot plantHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2010Operational pH in packed-bed reactors for ferrous ion bio-oxidationHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2009Biorecovery of copper from converter slags: Slags characterization and exploratory ferric leaching testsHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2004Treatment of copper concentrates containing chalcopyrite and non-ferrous sulphides by the BRISA processHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2003Copper recovery from chalcopyrite concentrates by the BRISA processHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2002Oxygen transfer in ferric iron biological production in a packed-bed reactorHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2002Treatment of secondary copper sulphides (chalcocite and covellite) by the BRISA processHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo2000High efficiency reactor for the biooxidation of ferrous ironHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo1998Silver catalyzed IBES process: application to a Spanish copper-zinc sulphide concentrate Part 3. Selection of the operational parameters for a continuous pilot plantHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo1998Silver catalyzed IBES process: Application to a Spanish copper-zinc sulphide concentrate. Part 2. Biooxidation of the ferrous iron and catalyst recoveryHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo1997Silver catalyzed IBES process: Application to a Spanish copper-zinc sulphide concentrateHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo1994Refractory gold-bearing ores - A review of treatment methods and recent advances in biotechnological techniquesHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo1990Leaching of a copper-zinc bulk sulfide concentrate using an aqueous ferric sulfate dilute-solution in a semicontinuous system - Kinetics of dissolution of zincHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo1990Selective cyclic bioleaching of a copper-zinc sulphide concentrateHYDROMETALLURGY
Artículo1987The passivation of chalcopyrite subjected to ferric sulfate leaching and its reactivation with metal sulfidesHYDROMETALLURGY