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Artículo2023How can I assess my patients with Parkinson's disease during a busy clinic day?PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2023Response to levodopa in Parkinson's disease over time. A 4-year follow-up studyPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2022Genetic landscape of Segawa disease in Spain. Long-term treatment outcomesPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2022Immediate-release/extended-release amantadine (OS320) to treat Parkinson's disease with levodopa-induced dyskinesia: Analysis of the randomized, controlled ALLAY-LID studiesPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2022Smoking is associated with age at disease onset in Parkinson's diseasePARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2021In vivo cholinergic basal forebrain degeneration and cognition in Parkinson's disease: imaging results from the COPPADIS studyPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2019Clinical and genetic characteristics of late-onset Huntington's diseasePARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2019Increased bilirubin levels in Parkinson's diseasePARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2019Non-motor symptoms burden, mood, and gait problems are the most significant factors contributing to a poor quality of life in non-demented Parkinson's disease patients: Results from the COPPADIS Study CohortPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Otros2019Role of ANO3 mutations in dystonia: A large-scale mutational screening studyPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2017Screening study of TUBB4A in isolated dystoniaPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Revisión2015Collective physician perspectives on non-oral medication approaches for the management of clinically relevant unresolved issues in Parkinson's disease: Consensus from an international survey and discussion programPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Letter2015On the long-term outcome of orthostatic tremorPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Letter2014Analysis of c.801-2A>G mutation in the DNAJC6 gene in Parkinson's disease in southern SpainPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Letter2013Adult form of Niemann-Pick type C with the variant biochemical phenotype on treatment with MiglustatPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2013Relationship between sleep disorders and other non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's diseasePARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2011Intermediate alleles at the FRAXA and FRAXE loci in Parkinson's diseasePARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2009Restless legs may be associated with the post-polio syndromePARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2008Paroxysmal dyskinesia with interictal myoclonus and dystonia: A report of two casesPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Ponencia2007Adult onset dystonic tremor as differential diagnosis for Parkinson's disease: Detailed clinical description of 20 patients emphasizing non-motor symptoms including olfactory functionPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Artículo2005Secondary generalized dystonia without basal ganglia damagePARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
Ponencia2001Transplantation of carotid body cell aggregates in patients with Parkinson's disease: a pilot study.PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS