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Artículo2023Metal pollution and mining in the Iberian pyrite belt: new remediation technologies to improve the ecosystem services of the river basinsWATER
Artículo2022Colonization dynamics of potential stowaways inhabiting marinas: lessons from caprellid crustaceansWATER
Artículo2022Flood Risk Assessment and Its Mapping in Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal, IndiaWATER
Artículo2022Hazard characterization of the annual maximum daily precipitation in the Southwestern Iberian Peninsula (1851-2021)WATER
Artículo2022Partitioning and Availability of Metals from Water Suspended Sediments: Potential Pollution Risk AssessmentWATER
Artículo2022Sustainable development and efficiency analysis of the major urban water utilities in SpainWATER
Artículo2021A framework for addressing circularity challenges in cities with nature-based solutionsWATER
Artículo2021Conversion of whey into value-added products through fermentation and membrane fractionationWATER
Artículo2021Explaining variation in abundance and species diversity of avian cestodes in brine shrimps in the salar de atacama and other chilean wetlandsWATER
Artículo2021Long-term assessment of reference baselines for the determination of the crop water stress index in maize under mediterranean conditionsWATER
Artículo2021Nature-based solutions for agriculture in circular cities: challenges, gaps, and opportunitiesWATER
Artículo2021Photocatalytic treatment of stained wastewater coming from handicraft factories. A case study at the pilot plant levelWATER
Artículo2021Towards a cross-sectoral view of nature-based solutions for enabling circular citiesWATER
Artículo2021ZnO/Ag3PO4 and ZnO-Malachite as effective photocatalysts for the removal of enteropathogenic bacteria, dyestuffs, and heavy metals from municipal and industrial wastewaterWATER
Artículo2020A simplified hydro-economic model of Guadalquivir river basin for analysis of water-pricing scenariosWATER
Artículo2020Adsorptive behavior of an activated carbon for bisphenol A removal in single and binary (bisphenol A-heavy metal) solutionsWATER
Artículo2020Beyond human interventions on complex bays: Effects on water and wave dynamics (study case Cádiz Bay, Spain)WATER
Artículo2020Criteria for hydroSOS quality index. Application to extra virgin olive oil and processed table olivesWATER
Artículo2020Design of PI controllers for irrigation canals based on linear matrix inequalitiesWATER
Artículo2020Generalizing fuzzy SARSA learning for real-time operation of irrigation canalsWATER
Revisión2020Hydro-economic modelling for water-policy assessment under climate change at a river basin scale: A reviewWATER
Artículo2020Interpopulation Variability in Dietary Traits of Invasive BleakAlburnus alburnus(Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae) Across the Iberian PeninsulaWATER
Artículo2020Multi-objective model predictive control for real-time operation of a multi-reservoir systemWATER
Artículo2020Water Regulation in Cyanobacterial Biocrusts from Drylands: Negative Impacts of Anthropogenic DisturbanceWATER
Artículo2019Characterization of the Agricultural Supply of Desalinated Seawater in Southeastern SpainWATER
Artículo2019Efficient Water Quality Prediction Using Supervised Machine LearningWATER
Artículo2019Natural and Human-Induced Flow and Sediment Transport within Tidal Creek Networks Influenced by Ocean-Bay TidesWATER
Artículo2019Short-term responses of aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity to riparian restoration measures designed to control the invasive Arundo donax L.WATER
Artículo2018Irrigated Agriculture and the Cost Recovery Principle of Water Services: Assessment and Discussion of the Case of the Guadalquivir River Basin (Spain)WATER
Artículo2018Runoff Water as a Resource in the Campo de Cartagena (Region of Murcia): Current Possibilities for Use and BenefitsWATER
Artículo2017Agricultural Irrigation Water Use in a Closed Basin and the Impacts on Water Productivity: The Case of the Guadalquivir River Basin (Southern Spain)WATER
Artículo2017The economic analysis of water use in the water framework directive based on the system of environmental-economic accounting for water: a case study of the Guadalquivir river basinWATER
Artículo2016Measuring the sustainability of water plans in inter-regional Spanish River basinsWATER
Artículo2016Microeconomics of Deficit Irrigation and Subjective Water Response Function for Intensive Olive GrovesWATER
Artículo2016Water productivity under drought conditions estimated using SEEA-WaterWATER