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Publicaciones en la fuente PHYTOCHEMISTRY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Chemical imitation of yeast fermentation by the drosophilid-pollinated deceptive trap-flower Aristolochia baetica (Aristolochiaceae)PHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2015Cloning, heterologous expression and biochemical characterization of plastidial sn-glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase from Helianthus annuusPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2014Oxylipins from the microalgae Chlamydomonas debaryana and Nannochloropsis gaditana and their activity as TNF-alpha inhibitorsPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2014Stress-dependent regulation of 13-lipoxygenases and 13-hydroperoxide lyase in olive fruit mesocarpPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2013Changes in acyl-coenzyme A pools in sunflower seeds with modified fatty acid compositionPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2012Molecular cloning and biochemical characterization of three phosphoglycerate kinase isoforms from developing sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) seedsPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2012Molecular cloning, functional characterization and transcriptional regulation of a 9-lipoxygenase gene from olivePHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2011Absolute configuration of labdanes and ent-clerodanes from Chrormolaena pulchella by vibrational circular dichroismPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2011Absolute configuration of podophyllotoxin related lignans from Bursera fagaroides using vibrational circular dichroismPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2011Effect of different environmental stresses on the expression of oleate desaturase genes and fatty acid composition in olive fruitPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2011Identification and functional characterisation of genes encoding the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid biosynthetic pathway from the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyiPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2011Spatial and temporal patterns of floral scent emission in Dianthus inoxianus and electroantennographic responses of its hawkmoth pollinatorPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2010Accumulation of health promoting phytochemicals in wild relatives of tomato and their contribution to in vitro antioxidant activityPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2010Acyl-ACP thioesterases from castor (Ricinus communis L.): An enzymatic system appropriate for high rates of oil synthesis and accumulationPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2010The sunflower plastidial omega 3-fatty acid desaturase (HaFAD7) contains the signalling determinants required for targeting to, and retention in, the endoplasmic reticulum membrane in yeast but requires co-expressed ferredoxin for activityPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2008Lipid characterization of a wrinkled sunflower mutantPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2006HPLC analysis of geometrical isomers of lutein epoxide isolated from dandelion (Taraxacum officinale F. Weber ex Wiggers)PHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2005Molecular cloning and characterization of genes encoding two microsomal oleate desaturases (FAD2) from olivePHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2001A cytotoxic diarylheptanoid from Viscum cruciatumPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2000ent-Kaurene and squalene synthesis in Fusarium fujikuroi cell-free extractsPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1999Novel flavonol glycoside from Retama sphaerocarpa BoissierPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1998An isoflavone glucoside from Retama sphaerocarpa BoissierPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1998Analysis of volatiles from callus cultures of olive Olea europaeaPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1997An acidic xyloglucan from grape skinsPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1996Leaf wax ketones in the genus CoincyaPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1994Leaf wax alkanes in the genus CoincyaPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1991Correlation between invivo and invitro carotenogenesis in phycomycesPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1991Fusarin-c and 8z-fusarin-c from gibberella-fujikuroiPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1990Functional-properties of purified ferredoxin-glutamate synthase from chlamydomonas-reinhardtiiPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Nota1986Acidic xylan from olive pulpPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1986Chemical modification of carotenogenesis in gibberella-fujikuroiPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1984Reversible inactivation of maize leaf nitrate reductasePHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1984The action of 2-amino-4-(methylphosphinyl)-butanoic acid (phosphinothricin) and its 2-oxo-derivative on the metabolism of cyanobacteria and higher-plantsPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1982Regulation of the assimilation of nitrate in Chlamydomonas-reinhardiiPHYTOCHEMISTRY
Artículo1971Molybdenum and iron as constituents of enzymes of nitrate reducing system from ChlorellaPHYTOCHEMISTRY