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Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE

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Artículo2024An Insertion Within SIRPbeta1 Shows a Dual Effect Over Alzheimer's Disease Cognitive Decline Altering the Microglial Response.JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2023Two-year changes in physical activity and concurrent changes in cognitive function in a cohort of adults with metabolic syndromeJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2023Using Cognitive Reserve to Create Norms for the TMA-93 (Relational Binding of Images)JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2022Testing Visual Binding by the TMA-93 in People Aged 75 and OverJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2020Norms for Testing Visual Binding Using the Memory Associative Test (TMA-93) in Older Educationally-Diverse AdultsJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Ponencia2018Bioaccessibility of Phytoene and Phytofluene from Tomato Powders and Effect of the Addition of Sunflower OilJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Ponencia2018COST Action EUROCAROTEN: European network to advance carotenoid research and applications in agro-food and healthJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Ponencia2018Evaluation of synergies in the antioxidant effect of phytoene, phytofluene and lycopene in Caenorhabditis elegansJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2018Toward a New Concept of Alzheimer's Disease Models: A Perspective from NeuroinflammationJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2016Blockade of the Interaction of Calcineurin with FOXO in Astrocytes Protects Against Amyloid-beta-Induced Neuronal DeathJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2015Brain toxicity and inflammation induced in vivo in mice by the amyloid-β forty-two inducer aftin-4, a roscovitine derivativeJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2014Early Neuronal Loss and Axonal/Presynaptic Damage is Associated with Accelerated Amyloid-beta Accumulation in A beta PP/PS1 Alzheimer's Disease Mice SubiculumJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2013Genetic Study of Neurexin and Neuroligin Genes in Alzheimer's DiseaseJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2011The MTHFD1L Gene rs11754661 Marker is Not Associated with Alzheimer's Disease in a Sample of the Spanish PopulationJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2010CALHM1 P86L Polymorphismis Associated with Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease in a Recessive ModelJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2010Calretinin Interneurons are Early Targets of Extracellular Amyloid-beta Pathology in PS1/A beta PP Alzheimer Mice HippocampusJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2010Neuron Specific Toxicity of Oligomeric Amyloid-beta: Role for JUN-Kinase and Oxidative StressJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2009Extracellular Amyloid-beta and Cytotoxic Glial Activation Induce Significant Entorhinal Neuron Loss in Young PS1(M146L)/APP(751SL) MiceJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Artículo2009GOLPH2 Gene Markers are Not Associated with Alzheimer's Disease in a Sample of the Spanish PopulationJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE