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Publicaciones en la fuente CHEMICAL PHYSICS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2012Intermolecular potentials for simulations of collisions of SiNCS + and (CH 3) 2SiNCS + ions with fluorinated self-assembled monolayersCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2012Study of diffusion-controlled and activation-diffusion-controlled electron-transfer processes from quenching measurementsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2010Effect of a high-frequency magnetic field on the resonant behavior displayed by a spin-1/2 particle under the influence of a rotating magnetic fieldCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2010Equilibrium and stochastic resonance in finite chains of noisy bistable elementsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2010Thermodynamic and structural study of pyrene-1-carboxaldehyde/DNA interactions by molecular spectroscopy: Probing intercalation and binding propertiesCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2008Ground state isomerism in betacarboline hydrogen bond complexes: The charge transfer nature of its large Stokes shifted emissionCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2008Influence of hydrogen bonding in the ground and the excited states of the isomers of the beta-carboline anhydrobase (N-2-methyl-9H-pyrido[3,4-b]indole) in aprotic solventsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2008Quantification of salts and cosolvents-DNA interactions in terms of free energies: A study using the pyren-1-carboxyaldehyde as fluorescent probeCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2008Study of water solubilized in AOT/n-decane/water microemulsionsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2006Cylodextrins effects in the substitution reaction of 4,4 '-bpy for the aquo ligand in aquopentacyanoferrate(II): an estimation of the binding constants of the reactant and the transition state to cyclodextrinsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2006Ground state isomerism and dual emission of the beta-carboline anhydrobase (N-2-methyl-9H-pyrido[3,4-b]indole) in aprotic solventsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2005DNA effects upon the reaction between acetonitrile pentacyanoferrate(II) and ruthenium pentammine pyrazine: Kinetic and thermodynamic evidence of the interaction of DNA with anionic speciesCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2004DNA interactions with small solutes: change in the character of the binding of [Ru(NH3)(5)pz](2+) to DNA as a consequence of changes in the solventCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2004Solvent effects on the oxidation (electron transfer) reaction of [Fe(CN)(6)](4-) by [Co(NH3)(5)pz](3+)CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2004Spectral and photophysical properties of the delta-carboline anhydrobase (N-1-methyl-5H-pyrido[3,2-b]indole)CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2003The pyrrole ring as hydrogen-bonding pi-donor base: an experimental and theoretical study of the interactions of N-methylpyrrole with alcoholsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2002Electronic spectra and photophysics of delta-carboline (5H-pyrido[3,2-b]indole)CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2001Electron transfer reactions in micellar systems: Separation of the true (unimolecular) electron transfer rate constant in its componentsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2001Path-integral approach to a semiclassical stochastic description of quantum dissipative systemsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2000Some remarks on the application of relaxation techniques to chemical equilibriaCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1999Estimation of electron transfer rate constants by static (optical and electrochemical) measurementsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1999Kinetic study of the electron transfer process between Ru(NH3)(5)pz(2+) and S2O82- in water-cosolvent mixtures: a new component of reorganization energyCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1998On the role of the energy loss in turnover theories of activated rate processesCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1997Control of tunneling processes with an external field in a four-level system: An analytic approachCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1996Control of tunneling reactions with an external held in a four-level system: A general Redfield approachCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1995A method for including environment polarization effects in ab-initio cluster embedded calculations - application to the water deprotonation over an ideal al-mgo surfaceCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1994Modification of tunneling dynamics by the application of random external fieldsCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Corrección1991Ab initio calculations of molecular and electronic structure of disilane. II. Photoelectron and vacuum UV electronic spectraCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1991Abinitio calculations of molecular and electronic-structure of disilane .1. Molecular-force field and vibrational-spectrumCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1991Abinitio calculations of molecular and electronic-structure of disilane .2. Photoelectron and vacuum uv electronic-spectraCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1989Ab initio ci calculations on the molecular structure of Sn2H4 isomersCHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo1989Vibrational spectra of stannane: harmonic force field, raman, and ir intensities from ab initio correlated wavefunctionsCHEMICAL PHYSICS