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Publicaciones en la fuente CHAOS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Stability of nonlinear Dirac solitons under the action of external potential.CHAOS
Artículo2023A comprehensive approach for discrete resilience of complex networksCHAOS
Artículo2023Discrete breathers in Klein-Gordon lattices: A deflation-based approachCHAOS
Artículo2021The 16th Hilbert problem for discontinuous piecewise isochronous centers of degree one or two separated by a straight lineCHAOS
Artículo2019A direct transition to chaos in hysteretic systems with focus dynamicsCHAOS
Artículo2019Exact stationary solutions of the parametrically driven and damped nonlinear Dirac equationCHAOS
Artículo2019Soliton ratchet induced by random transitions among symmetric sine-Gordon potentialsCHAOS
Artículo2018Homoclinic-doubling and homoclinic-gluing bifurcations in the Takens-Bogdanov normal form with D-4 symmetryCHAOS
Artículo2018Nonlinear waves in a model for silicate layersCHAOS
Artículo2016Canards in a minimal piecewise-linear square-wave bursterCHAOS
Artículo2016Line graphs for a multiplex networkCHAOS
Artículo2013Chen's attractor exists if Lorenz repulsor exists: The Chen system is a special case of the Lorenz systemCHAOS
Editorial2011Comment on "Sil'nikov chaos of the Liu system" [Chaos 18, 013113 (2008)]CHAOS
Artículo2010Existence of homoclinic connections in continuous piecewise linear systemsCHAOS
Artículo2010On the fold-Hopf bifurcation for continuous piecewise linear differential systems with symmetryCHAOS
Artículo2006Soliton ratchets in homogeneous nonlinear Klein-Gordon systemsCHAOS
Artículo2005Stochastic resonance: Theory and numericsCHAOS
Artículo2003On the estimate of the stochastic layer width for a model of tracer dynamicsCHAOS