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José Luis Más Balbuena

Profesor Titular de Universidad
Área de conocimiento: Física Aplicada
Departamento: Física Aplicada I
Prog. doctorado: Programa de Doctorado en Instalaciones y Sistemas para la Industria (2011)
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023 A comparison of 210Pbxs, 137Cs, and Pu isotopes as proxies of soil redistribution in South Spain under severe erosion conditions JOURNAL OF SOILS AND SEDIMENTS
Artículo2023 Quodon Current in Tungsten and Consequences for Tokamak Fusion Reactors PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI-RAPID RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2023 Recycling bio-based wastes into road-base binder: mechanical, leaching, and radiological implications APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021 Assessment of natural radioactivity levels and radiation exposure in new building materials in Spain RADIATION PROTECTION DOSIMETRY
Artículo2021 Optimization of AlphaGUARD AquaKIT set-up for analysis of radon in water using stainless-steel bottles and its validation through IAEA standard samples RADIATION MEASUREMENTS
Artículo2020 Analysis of a major Aeolian dust input event and its impact on element fluxes and inventories at the DYFAMED site (Northwestern Mediterranean) MARINE CHEMISTRY
Artículo2020 Determination of 210Po in low-level wild bilberries reference material for quality control assurance in environmental analysis using extraction chromatography and α-particle spectroscopy RADIOCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2020 Determination of uranium and thorium isotopes in kaolinitic samples by ICP-MS/MS APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE
Artículo2019 Geographical origin of bivalve molluscs in coastal areas using natural radioactivity fingerprinting and multivariate statistical analyses: Andalusian coast as case of study JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2019 Levels of radionuclide concentrations in benthic invertebrate species from the Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean, during 2012–2018 MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN
Artículo2018 Baseline activity concentration of Po-210 and Pb-210 and dose assessment in bivalve molluscs at the Andalusian coast MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN
Artículo2018 Comparison of solvent extraction and extraction chromatography resin techniques for uranium isotopic characterization in high-level radioactive waste and barrier materials APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES
Artículo2017 A sequential determination of Sr-90 and Po-210 in food samples FOOD CHEMISTRY
Artículo2017 Impact of Saharan dust events on radionuclide levels in Monaco air and in the water column of the northwest Mediterranean Sea JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RADIOACTIVITY
Artículo2016 Certified reference materials for radionuclides in Bikini Atoll sediment (IAEA-410) and Pacific Ocean sediment (IAEA-412) APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES
Artículo2016 Geographical, seasonal, and depth variation in sinking particle speeds in the North Atlantic GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2016 Rapid determination of Pb-210 and Po-210 in water and application to marine samples TALANTA
Artículo2014 Implications for food safety of the uptake by tomato of 25 trace-elements from a phosphogypsum amended soil from SW Spain JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2014 New insights on the role of sea ice in intercepting atmospheric pollutants using I-129 MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN
Artículo2014 Phosphogypsum amendments and irrigation with acidulated water affect tomato nutrition in reclaimed marsh soils from SW Spain SPANISH JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH
Artículo2014 Studying radon exhalation rates variability from phosphogypsum piles in the SW of Spain JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2013 A 40-year retrospective European radon flux inventory including climatological variability ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2013 Radionuclide activities and metal concentrations in sediments of the Sebou Estuary, NW Morocco, following a flooding event ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT
Artículo2012 Determination of trace element concentrations and stable lead, uranium and thorium isotope ratios by quadrupole-ICP-MS in NORM and NORM-polluted sample leachates JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2012 Intercalibration of selected anthropogenic radionuclides for the GEOTRACES Program LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY-METHODS
Artículo2010 Arctic Ocean sea ice drift origin derived from artificial radionuclides SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2010 Characterisation of the plutonium isotopic composition of a sediment core from Palomares, Spain, by low-energy AMS and alpha-spectrometry NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION B-BEAM INTERACTIONS WITH MATERIALS AND ATOMS
Artículo2010 Reversed flow of Atlantic deep water during the Last Glacial Maximum NATURE
Artículo2009 A comparison between active and passive techniques for measurements of radon emanation factors APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES
Artículo2009 A short-time method to measure the radon potential of porous materials APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES
Artículo2009 Behaviour and fluxes of natural radionuclides in the production process of a phosphoric acid plant APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES
Artículo2009 External radiation assessment in a wet phosphoric acid production plant APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES
Artículo2009 Separation and Measurement of Pa, Th, and U Isotopes in Marine Sediments by Microwave-Assisted Digestion and Multiple Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
Artículo2009 Transfer of Cd, Pb, Ra and U from Phosphogypsum Amended Soils to Tomato Plants WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Ponencia2008 Characterization of porous materials as radon source and its radiological implications NATURAL RADIATION ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2007 Development and operational performance of a single calibration chamber for radon detectors NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT
Artículo2007 Radioactivity levels in aerosol particles surrounding a large TENORM waste repository after application of preliminary restoration work SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Editorial2006 An assay on the effect of preliminary restoration tasks applied to a large TENORM wastes disposal in the south-west of Spain SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2006 Determination of U-234/U-238 isotope ratios in environmental waters by quadrupole ICP-MS after U stripping from alpha-spectrometry counting sources ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
Artículo2006 Overcoming ICP-QMS instrumental limitations for Tc-99 determination in environmental solid samples using radiochemistry APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES
Capítulo2006 Radionuclide concentrations in water Radionuclide Concentrations in Food and the Environment
Artículo2005 Rhenium measurements on North Atlantic seaweed samples by ID-ICP-MS: An observation on the Re concentration factors JOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY
Artículo2004 Method for the detection of Tc in seaweed samples coupling the use of Re as a chemical tracer and isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2004 Tc-99 detection in water samples by ICP-MS RADIOCHIMICA ACTA
Ponencia2003 A method for the measurement of 99Tc by Quadrupole ICP-MS in dry fallout and sea grass samples International Symposium on Transfer of Radionuclides in Biosphere: Mito (Japón), 18-19 de diciembre, 2002, 355-360
Artículo2002 Radioactive impact in sediments from an estuarine system affected by industrial wastes releases ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2001 A dosimetric model for determining the effectiveness of soil covers for phosphogypsum waste piles HEALTH PHYSICS
Artículo2001 A simple method for efficiency calibration of HPGe detectors in gamma-spectrometric measurements RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Capítulo2001 Dispersión de contaminantes en la atmósfera Física y medio ambiente
Artículo2000 The use of Tc-99m as a tracer in the determination of Tc-99 by ICP-mass spectrometry JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL ATOMIC SPECTROMETRY
Artículo1998 Radioactivity of phosphogypsum in the south-west of Spain RADIATION PROTECTION DOSIMETRY

Proyectos de Investigación

Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
05/10/2021 30/06/2023 Investigador/a Radioactive TRACErs and novel modelling techniques for an accurate quantification of the biological pump and ocean CARBON storage. TRACECARBON (P20_01217) Consejería de Economía, Conocimiento, Empresas y Universidad (Autonómico)
01/01/2016 30/04/2019 Investigador/a Resolución de Problemas Ambientales Marinos y Terrestres Clave Mediante Nuevos Desarrollos en Espectrometría de Masas con Acelerador de Baja Energía (Leams) en el CNA (FIS2015-69673-P) Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Nacional)
01/01/2013 31/12/2015 Investigador/a Espectrometría de Masas con Aceleradores de Baja Energías (Leams) en el Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA): Datación y Aplicaciones Ambientales (FIS2012-31853) Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Nacional)
15/03/2011 14/06/2015 Investigador/a Uso de la Tecnología de Aceleradores de Partículas en la Caracterización de Residuos Nucleares (P10-FQM-5956) Junta de Andalucía - Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresas (Autonómico)
01/01/2009 30/06/2012 Investigador/a Nuevos desarrollos en espectrometría de masas con aceleradores de baja energía: medidas en la instalación del Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (C.N.A.) (FIS2008-01149) Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Nacional)
31/01/2008 31/12/2012 Investigador/a Aplicación de Técnicas de Datación por Isótopos Radiactivos en Ecosistemas Naturales Andaluces (P07-RNM-02567) Junta de Andalucía - Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresas (Autonómico)
01/03/2006 28/02/2009 Investigador/a Técnicas ultrasensibles para la determinación de radionucleidos en materiales ambientales (EXC/2005/RNM-419) Junta de Andalucía (Plan Andaluz de Investigación) (Autonómico)


Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
15/04/2010 31/12/2010 Investigador/a Nuevos desarrollos de metodologías en AMS de baja energía. (0775/0223) Empresa Nacional de Residuos Radiactivos, S.A. (Desconocido)
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