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Francisco Manuel Baena Moreno

Profesor Ayudante Doctor
Área de conocimiento: Ingeniería Química
Departamento: Ingeniería Química y Ambiental
Grupo: INGENIERIA AMBIENTAL Y DE PROCESOS - TEP-135 (Universidad de Sevilla)
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024 Hydrochar and synthetic natural gas co-production for a full circular economy implementation via hydrothermal carbonization and methanation: An economic approach JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES-CHINA
Revisión2024 Renewable Carbonaceous Materials from Biomass in Catalytic Processes: A Review MATERIALS
Artículo2023 Advances in research project IBUMECO 2 : project and process description, methodology, and goals expected GREENHOUSE GASES-SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2023 Biogas upgrading through calcium looping: Experimental validation and study of CO2 capture BIOMASS & BIOENERGY
Artículo2023 Carbon Capture Enhancement by Water-Based Nanofluids in a Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor ENERGY TECHNOLOGY
Revisión2023 Effluents and residues from industrial sites for carbon dioxide capture: a review Environmental Chemistry Letters
Artículo2023 Experimental evaluation of black liquor carbonation for carbon dioxide capture JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION
Artículo2023 Insights into Photosensitized Reactions for Upgrading Lignin ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
Artículo2023 Potential of organic carbonates production for efficient carbon dioxide capture, transport and storage: Reaction performance with sodium hydroxide-ethanol mixtures HELIYON
Artículo2023 Process design and utilisation strategy for CO2 capture in flue gases. Technical assessment and preliminary economic approach for steel mills RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS
Revisión2023 Review and Perspectives of CO2 Absorption by Water- and Amine-Based Nanofluids ENERGY & FUELS
Revisión2022 3D-printed structured catalysts for CO2 methanation reaction: Advancing of gyroid-based geometries ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT
Capítulo2022 Advanced fluids in chemical absorption of CO2: Development in CO2 capture Technology Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Environment: Development Strategies and Applications
Artículo2022 Biogas upgrading to biomethane as a local source of renewable energy to power light marine transport: profitability analysis for the county of Cornwall WASTE MANAGEMENT
Ponencia2022 CO2 methanation: on the modeling of reacting laminar flows in structured Ni/MgAl2O4 catalysts Journal of Physics Conference Series
Revisión2022 Electrocatalytic CO2 conversion to C2 products: catalysts design, market perspectives and techno-economic aspects RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS
Artículo2022 Hydrogen production from landfill biogas: profitability analysis of a real case study FUEL
Revisión2022 Hydrothermal carbonization of biomass and waste: A review Environmental Chemistry Letters
Artículo2022 In-Line Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide Capture with Sodium Hydroxide in a Customized 3D-Printed Reactor without Forced Mixing SUSTAINABILITY
Artículo2022 p Economic approach for CO2 valorization from hydrothermal carbonization streams via reverse water shift reaction FUEL
Artículo2021 Analysis of the potential for biogas upgrading to syngas via catalytic reforming in the United Kingdom RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS
Revisión2021 Catalytic converters for vehicle exhaust: fundamental aspects and technology overview for newcomers to the field CHEMISTRY-SWITZERLAND
Capítulo2021 Cryogenic techniques: an innovative approach for biogas upgrading Emerging Technologies and Biological Systems for Biogas Upgrading
Artículo2021 Exploring profitability of bioeconomy paths: dimethyl ether from biogas as case study ENERGY
Capítulo2021 Forward osmosis for sustainable industrial growth Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation
Artículo2021 From biogas upgrading to CO2 utilization and waste recycling: a novel circular economy approach JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION
Artículo2021 Opportunities For Co2 Utilisation Via Carbonation Procedia Environmental Science, Engineering and Management
Artículo2021 Optimizing hydrothermal carbonization of olive tree pruning: A techno-economic analysis based on experimental results SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Ponencia2021 Orange peel valorization to biomethane: Preliminary profitability analysis European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings
Capítulo2021 Potential Processes for Simultaneous Biogas Upgrading and Carbon Dioxide Utilization Conversion
Artículo2021 Promoting bioeconomy routes: From food waste to green biomethane. A profitability analysis based on a real case study in eastern Germany JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021 Stepping toward efficient microreactors for CO2 methanation: 3D-printed gyroid geometry ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
Artículo2021 Synergizing carbon capture and utilization in a biogas upgrading plant based on calcium chloride: scaling-up and profitability analysis SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021 Towards emission free steel manufacturing – Exploring the advantages of a CO2 methanation unit to minimize CO2 emissions SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021 Unprofitability of small biogas plants without subsidies in the Brandenburg region Environmental Chemistry Letters
Artículo2020 Bio-methane and bio-methanol co-production from biogas: a profitability analysis to explore new sustainable chemical processes JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION
Revisión2020 CO2 capture from coalbed methane using membranes: a review Environmental Chemistry Letters
Artículo2020 Current status of CO2 chemical absorption research applied to CCS: Towards full deployment at industrial scale APPLIED ENERGY
Ponencia2020 Definition of a new Co2 capture and utilization process from biogas and waste valorization European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings
Artículo2020 Effect of porous media and its distribution on methane hydrate formation in the presence of surfactant APPLIED ENERGY
Artículo2020 Is the production of biofuels and bio-chemicals always profitable? Co-production of biomethane and urea from biogas as case study ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT
Artículo2020 Low-Energy Method for Water-Mineral Recovery from Acid Mine Drainage Based on Membrane Technology: Evaluation of Inorganic Salts as Draw Solutions ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Revisión2020 Membrane-based technologies for biogas upgrading: a review Environmental Chemistry Letters
Artículo2020 Novel process for carbon capture and utilization and saline wastes valorization Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering
Artículo2020 Novel study for energy recovery from the cooling–solidification stage of synthetic slag manufacturing: estimation of the potential energy recovery PROCESSES
Artículo2020 Profitability analysis of a novel configuration to synergize biogas upgrading and Power-to-Gas ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT
Artículo2020 Stepping towards a low-carbon economy. Formic acid from biogas as case of study APPLIED ENERGY
Artículo2020 Techno-economic analysis of a membrane-hybrid process as a novel low-energy alternative for zero liquid discharge systems ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT
Artículo2020 The importance of governmental incentives for small biomethane plants in South Spain ENERGY
Revisión2019 Biogas upgrading by cryogenic techniques Environmental Chemistry Letters
Ponencia2019 Biogas upgrading through naoh chemical absorption: Understanding the hydrodynamics of a packed tower for a regenerative-sustainable process European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings
Revisión2019 Carbon capture and utilization technologies: a literature review and recent advances ENERGY SOURCES PART A-RECOVERY UTILIZATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS
Artículo2019 CFD modelling of the evaporation of biphasic (solid-liquid) individual droplets in a spray dryer Chemical Engineering Transactions
Artículo2019 Converting CO2 from biogas and MgCl2 residues into valuable magnesium carbonate: a novel strategy for renewable energy production ENERGY
Artículo2019 Physicochemical comparison of precipitated calcium carbonate for different configurations of a biogas upgrading unit JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
Revisión2019 Remediation of acid mine drainage Environmental Chemistry Letters
Revisión2019 Review: recent advances in biogas purifying technologies INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GREEN ENERGY
Artículo2019 Synergizing carbon capture storage and utilization in a biogas upgrading lab-scale plant based on calcium chloride: influence of precipitation parameters SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2019 Synthetic Slag Production Method Based on a Solid Waste Mix Vitrification for the Manufacturing of Slag-Cement MATERIALS
Artículo2019 Technologies for control of sulfur and nitrogen compounds and particulates in coal combustion and gasification NEW TRENDS IN COAL CONVERSION: COMBUSTION, GASIFICATION, EMISSIONS, AND COKING
Artículo2019 Understanding the effect of Ca and Mg ions from wastes in the solvent regeneration stage of a biogas upgrading unit SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2019 Understanding the influence of the alkaline cation K+ or Na+ in the regeneration efficiency of a biogas upgrading unit INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESEARCH
Artículo2018 Regeneration of sodium hydroxide from a biogas upgrading unit through the synthesis of precipitated calcium carbonate: an experimental influence study of reaction parameters PROCESSES
Artículo2016 Characteristics of fired bricks with co-combustion fly ashes JOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERING

Proyectos de Investigación

Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/09/2022 31/08/2025 Investigador/a DiSeño de catalizadores Multifuncionales para la conversión de gAs de síntesis Rico en CO2 en combusTibles líquidos sostenibles, en una única etapa, vía síntesis de FTS y HCR (PID2021-126876OB-I00) Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Nacional)
05/09/2020 30/12/2023 Investigador/a Investigación para Producción de Combustible a partir de CO2 de Oxicombustión de Biomasa H2 Verde (BIO-E-FUEL) (SR-2141/34/2021) Junta de Andalucía (Autonómico)


Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/02/2022 01/02/2023 Investigador/a Acuerdo de Colaboración entre INERCO y AICIA para el Desarrollo de Tecnologías para la Descarbonización de Gases Industriales mediante Captura de CO2 y su Mineralización como Carbonatos (Descarboniza) (PI-2169/34/2022) INERCO Ingeniería, Tecnología y Consultoría, S.A. (Desconocido)
16/03/2020 31/12/2021 Investigador/a Producción Descentralizada de Hidrógeno a partir de Biogás de Vertedero (PI-2001/35/2020) Europa Sur de Europa S.L. (Desconocido)
01/12/2017 31/05/2019 Investigador/a INTEGRACIÓN DE LA CAPTURA DE CO2 EN EDAR URBANAS PARA LA OBTENCIÓN DE NUEVOS RECURSOS VALORIZABLES (NURECCO2) (PI-1761/34/2017) Fundación Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (Desconocido)
01/06/2015 31/12/2015 Investigador/a CALIZAMAR-1 (AE-1403/2015) Prestarli S.L. (Desconocido)
01/12/2014 01/06/2015 Investigador/a Estudio térmico de suelos graníticos como base de colectores solares (AE-1341/2014) Universidad de Sevilla (Desconocido)


Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/06/2019 31/08/2019 Responsable Estancias. Universidad e Évora. Departamento de Física. Portugal (PP2019-ES059) Universidad de Sevilla (Local)


Nº Solicitud Fecha Solicitud Fecha Concesión Nombre
P202031069 26/10/2020 25/11/2022 Herramienta para gestionar la incorporación eficiente de combustibles alternativos en platas de cemento