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Valentin Hornillos Gomez-Recuero

Investigador Contratado (Ramón y Cajal)
Área de conocimiento: Química Orgánica
Departamento: Química Orgánica
Prog. doctorado: Programa de Doctorado en Química (RD. 99/2011)
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023 Biocatalytic Atroposelective Synthesis of Axially Chiral N-Arylindoles via Dynamic Kinetic Resolution ACS CATALYSIS
Artículo2023 Dynamic kinetic resolution of 2-(Quinolin-8-yl)benzaldehydes: atroposelective iridium-catalyzed transfer hydrogenative allylation. ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION
Artículo2023 Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Indole-Based Sulfenylated Heterobiaryls by Rhodium-Catalyzed Atroposelective Reductive Aldol Reaction ACS CATALYSIS
Revisión2022 Asymmetric Synthesis of Axially Chiral C−N Atropisomers CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Artículo2022 Enantioselective transannular reactions by palladium-catalysed conjugate addition of aryl boronic acids. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022 Pd-Catalyzed Dynamic Kinetic Asymmetric Cross-Coupling of Heterobiaryl Bromides with ORGANIC LETTERS
Artículo2021 Asymmetric synthesis of dibenzo[b,d]azepines by Cu-catalyzed reductive or borylative cyclization CHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2021 Atroposelective transfer hydrogenation of biaryl aminals via dynamic kinetic resolution. Synthesis of axially chiral diamines ACS CATALYSIS
Artículo2021 Atroposelective transformation of axially chiral (hetero)biaryls. From desymmetrization to modern resolution strategies. CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS
Artículo2021 Ros3 (Lem3p/CDC50) gene dosage Is implicated in miltefosine susceptibility in Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis clinical isolates and in Leishmania (Leishmania) major ACS Infectious Diseases
Artículo2020 Ir-Catalyzed Atroposelective Desymmetrization of Heterobiaryls: Hydroarylation of Vinyl Ethers and Bicycloalkenes JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY
Capítulo2019 Axially chiral monodentate phosphorus ligands for asymmetric metal-catalyzed reactions Atropisomerism and Axial Chirality
Artículo2019 Investigation of the pathways related to intrinsic miltefosine tolerance in Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis clinical isolates reveals differences in drug uptake International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance
Artículo2018 Dynamic Kinetic Asymmetric Heck Reaction for the Simultaneous Generation of Central and Axial Chirality JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY
Artículo2018 Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Heterobiaryl Ketones by Zinc-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrosilylation ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION
Artículo2017 Cu-catalyzed enantioselective allylic alkylation with organolithium reagents NATURE PROTOCOLS
Capítulo2016 Asymmetric allylic substitutions using organometallic reagents PROGRESS IN ENANTIOSELECTIVE CU(I)-CATALYZED FORMATION OF STEREOGENIC CENTERS
Artículo2016 Chiral Diarylmethanes via Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Arylation with Organolithium Compounds ORGANIC LETTERS
Artículo2016 Fast, greener and scalable direct coupling of organolithium compounds with no additional solvents NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016 Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Organolithium Reagents with (Hetero)Aryl Electrophiles CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Artículo2016 One-pot sequential 1,2-addition, Pd-catalysed cross-coupling of organolithium reagents with Weinreb amides CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016 One-Pot, Modular Approach to Functionalized Ketones via Nucleophilic Addition of Alkyllithium Reagents to Benzamides and Pd-Catalyzed alpha-Arylation ACS CATALYSIS
Artículo2016 Palladium-Catalyzed, tert-Butyllithium-Mediated Dimerization of Aryl Halides and Its Application in the Atropselective Total Synthesis of Mastigophorene A ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION
Artículo2016 Synthesis of axially chiral heterobiaryl alkynes via dynamic kinetic asymmetric alkynylation CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015 Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of Phosphine Boronates ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION
Artículo2015 Direct catalytic cross-coupling of alkenyllithium compounds CHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2015 Palladium-Catalyzed C(sp(3)) C(sp(2)) Cross-Coupling of (Trimethylsilyl)methyllithium with (Hetero)Aryl Halides ORGANIC LETTERS
Artículo2015 Pd-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Aryl lithium Reagents with 2-Alkoxy-Substituted Aryl Chlorides: Mild and Efficient Synthesis of 3,3 '-Diaryl BINOLs ORGANIC LETTERS
Artículo2015 tBuLi-Mediated One-Pot Direct Highly Selective Cross-Coupling of Two Distinct Aryl Bromides CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Artículo2014 A BODIPY-embedding miltefosine analog linked to cell-penetrating Tat(48-60) peptide favors intracellular delivery and visualization of the antiparasitic drug AMINO ACIDS
Artículo2014 Copper-catalysed alpha-selective allylic alkylation of heteroaryllithium reagents ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY
Ponencia2014 Direct catalytic cross-coupling of organolithium compounds ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY
Artículo2014 Palladium-Catalysed Direct Cross-Coupling of Organolithium Reagents with Aryl and Vinyl Triflates CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Artículo2014 Palladium-catalysed direct cross-coupling of secondary alkyllithium reagents CHEMICAL SCIENCE
Ponencia2014 Palladium-catalysed direct cross-coupling of secondary alkyllithium reagents ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY
Artículo2013 Catalytic asymmetric conjugate addition of Grignard reagents to chromones CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013 Catalytic Direct Cross-Coupling of Organolithium Compounds with Aryl Chlorides ORGANIC LETTERS
Artículo2013 Copper-Catalyzed Enantioselective Allyl-Allyl Cross-Coupling JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY
Artículo2013 Cu-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation of Phosphonates and Phosphine Oxides with Grignard Reagents CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Artículo2013 Drug Uptake, Lipid Rafts, and Vesicle Trafficking Modulate Resistance to an Anticancer Lysophosphatidylcholine Analogue in Yeast JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY
Artículo2013 Edelfosine and Miltefosine Effects on Lipid Raft Properties: Membrane Biophysics in Cell Death by Antitumor Lipids JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B
Artículo2013 Hindered Aryllithium Reagents as Partners in Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling: Synthesis of Tri- and Tetra-ortho-Substituted Biaryls under Ambient Conditions ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION
Artículo2012 Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation of Acyclic Allylic Ethers with Organolithium Reagents CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Artículo2012 Catalytic asymmetric synthesis of chromenes and tetrahydroquinolines via sequential allylic alkylation and intramolecular Heck coupling CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012 Defeating Leishmania resistance to Miltefosine (hexadecylphosphocholine) by peptide-mediated drug smuggling: A proof of mechanism for trypanosomatid chemotherapy JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE
Ponencia2012 Edelfosine and miltefosine fluidize lipid rafts: implications for Fas-mediated apoptosis triggering FEBS JOURNAL
Artículo2012 Fluorescent labeling of Acanthamoeba assessed in situ from corneal sectioned microscopy BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS
Artículo2012 Fluorescent labeling of alkyl chains of phosphocholine lipids by one-pot TMS cleavage-click reaction JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A-CHEMISTRY
Artículo2011 Involvement of lipid rafts in the localization and dysfunction effect of the antitumor ether phospholipid edelfosine in mitochondria CELL DEATH & DISEASE
Artículo2011 Synthesis and characterization of metallodendritic palladium-biscarbene complexes derived from 1,1 '-methylenebis(1,2,4-triazole) DALTON TRANSACTIONS
Ponencia2011 Tat-mediated delivery and visualization of antiparasitic drugs into Leishmania BIOPOLYMERS
Artículo2010 Synthesis and spectral properties of fluorescent linear alkylphosphocholines labeled with all-(E)-1,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-hexatriene JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A-CHEMISTRY
Artículo2008 An efficient, one-pot synthesis of various ceramide 1-phosphates from sphingosine 1-phosphate CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS OF LIPIDS
Artículo2008 Synthesis of BODIPY-labeled alkylphosphocholines with leishmanicidal activity, as fluorescent analogues of miltefosine BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS
Artículo2007 Synthesis and biological evaluation of fluorescent leishmanicidal analogues of hexadecylphosphocholine (miltefosine) as probes of antiparasite mechanisms JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY
Artículo2007 Synthesis and Spectral Properties of Amphiphilic Lipids with Linear Conjugated Polyene and Phenylpolyene Fluorescent Groups EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Artículo2006 Synthesis of 16-mercaptohexadecylphosphocholine, a miltefosine analog with leishmanicidal activity BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS
Artículo2005 Synthesis of 1,1¿-methylenebis(1,2,4-triazole) functionalized in the methylene bridge. A new approach to dendrons bearing heterocyclic rings on the periphery ARKIVOC
Artículo2005 Synthesis of palladium¿biscarbene complexes derived from 1,10-methylenebis(1,2,4-triazole) functionalized in the methylene bridge JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY
Artículo2004 Double Michael addition of azoles to methyl propiolate: A straightforward entry to ligands with two heterocyclic rings TETRAHEDRON LETTERS
Artículo2003 1,2,4-Triazole-Based Palladium Pincer Complexes. A New Type of Catalyst for the Heck Reaction ORGANOMETALLICS
Artículo2002 On the synthesis of heterocyclic dendrons ARKIVOC

Proyectos de Investigación

Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/02/2020 30/04/2022 Responsable Weak Lewis pair interactions as a racemization strategy: A Dynamic Kinetic Resolution approach towards axially chiral (hetero) biaryls. (US-1260906) Junta de Andalucía (Consejería de Economía y Conocimiento) (Autonómico)
01/04/2018 31/03/2019 Responsable Asymmetric catalysis and development of synthetic methodologies (RYC-2016-19312) Universidad de Sevilla (Local)
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