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Artículo2022A critical-path based iterated local search for the green permutation flowshop problemCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2022A mathematical programming approach to SVM-based classification with label noiseCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2022Kinodynamic planning for an energy-efficient autonomous ornithopterCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021A new bi-objective green medicine supply chain network design under fuzzy environment: Hybrid metaheuristic algorithmsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021A set of efficient heuristics and meta-heuristics to solve a multi-objective pharmaceutical supply chain networkCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021Customer order scheduling problem to minimize makespan with sequence-dependent setup timesCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021Double deck elevator group control systems using evolutionary algorithms: Interfloor and lunchpeak traffic analysisCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021New hard benchmark for the 2-stage multi-machine assembly scheduling problem: design and computational evaluationCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2021Scheduling consecutive days off: a case study of maritime pilotsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2020Design of a testbed for hybrid flow shop scheduling with identical machinesCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2020New efficient constructive heuristics for the two-stage multi-machine assembly scheduling problemCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2020Permutation flowshop scheduling with periodic maintenance and makespan objectiveCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2020Reliability-based advanced maintenance modelling to enhance rolling stock manufacturers' objectivesCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2020Solving the hybrid flow shop scheduling problem with limited human resource constraintCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2020Some variants and extensions of dominance network analysisCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2020Using IoT data and applications to improve port-based intermodal supply chainsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2019Constructive heuristics for the unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem with machine eligibility and setup timesCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2019On the dynamics of closed-loop supply chains with capacity constraintsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2019The railway rapid transit network construction scheduling problemCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2019Using real-time information to reschedule jobs in a flowshop with variable processing timesCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2018Efficient heuristics for the hybrid flow shop scheduling problem with missing operationsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2018Potential-based efficiency assessment and target settingCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2018Single machine scheduling with periodic machine availabilityCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2018The distributed permutation flow shop to minimise the total flowtimeCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2017Assessing individual performance based on the efficiency of projectsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2017Evaluation of the results of a production simulation game using a dynamic DEA approachCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2017Fuzzy efficiency measures in data envelopment analysis using lexicographic multiobjective approachCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2016A review and classification of computer-based manufacturing scheduling toolsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015A Decision Support System for Operating Room schedulingCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015Alternative SBM model for Network DEACOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015Integrated operating room planning and scheduling problem with assistant surgeon dependent surgery durationsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2015New heuristics for planning operating roomsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2014On bullwhip-limiting strategies in divergent supply chain networksCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2013A viral system algorithm to optimize the car dispatching in elevator group control systems of tall buildingsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2013Optimization of empty container movements using street-turn: Application to Valencia hinterlandCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2013Using DEA to find the best partner for a horizontal cooperationCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2011A multiobjective approach to fleet, fuel and operating cost efficiency of European airlinesCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2011Application of centralised DEA approach to capital budgeting in Spanish portsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2010Modelling peak-hour urban freight movements with limited data availabilityCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Ponencia2009Electric Service Quality through User Evaluation of its AttributesCIE: 2009 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTERS AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, VOLS 1-3
Ponencia2009Handling variability for Robust Order Promising and FulfilmentCIE: 2009 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTERS AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, VOLS 1-3
Ponencia2009Policies and Decision Models for Solving Elective Case Operating Room Scheduling.CIE: 2009 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTERS AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, VOLS 1-3
Artículo2007An adaptive branch and bound approach for transforming job shops into flow shopsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2005Part-machine grouping using weighted similarity coefficientsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2005Production and delivery scheduling problem with time windowsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2004Production and vehicle scheduling for ready-mix operationsCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2002Manufacturing cell formation using a new self-organizing neural networkCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2001Machine cell formation in generalized group technologyCOMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING