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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023A random arrival rule for airport problems with fuzzy costsOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2018Comment on “A new approach of cooperative interval games: The interval core and Shapley value revisited”OPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2013A minmax regret median problem on a tree under uncertain locations of the demand pointsOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2011Computing optimal islandsOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2010A 2-approximation for minmax regret problems via a mid-point scenario optimal solutionOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2008A note on the minmax regret centdian location on treesOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2008Computing shortest heterochromatic monotone routesOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2005On the complexity of the continuous unbounded knapsack problem with uncertain coefficientsOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2005On the exponential cardinality of FDS for the ordered p-median problemOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2003Approximative procedures for no-wait job shop schedulingOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2003Computing an obnoxious anchored segmentOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2002Algorithmic results for ordered median problemsOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo1996A characterization of efficient points in constrained location problems with regional demandOPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS