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Publicaciones en la fuente SCIENCE ADVANCES

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Analysis of bacterial pangenomes reduces CRISPR dark matter and reveals strong association between membranome and CRISPR-Cas systemsSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2023SUMO-activated target traps (SATTs) enable the identification of a comprehensive E3-specific SUMO proteomeSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2022Ca2+ channels couple spiking to mitochondrial metabolism in substantia nigra dopaminergic neuronsSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2022Sexually divergent development of depression-related brain networks during healthy human adolescence.SCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2022Significant loophole-free test of Kochen-Specker contextuality using two species of atomic ionsSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2021Genomic transformation and social organization during the Copper Age–Bronze Age transition in southern IberiaSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2021Global homogenization of the structure and function in the soil microbiome of urban greenspacesSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2021Inferring non-equilibrium interactions from tracer response near confined active Janus particlesSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2021Inhibition of the NLRP3 inflammasome prevents ovarian agingSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2020Ceramide chain length-dependent protein sorting into selective endoplasmic reticulum exit sitesSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2020RING1B recruits EWSR1-FLI1 and cooperates in the remodeling of chromatin necessary for Ewing sarcoma tumorigenesisSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2019Defaunation precipitates the extinction of evolutionarily distinct interactions in the AnthropoceneSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2019Drug discovery for psychiatric disorders using high-content single-cell screening of signaling network responses ex vivoSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2019Navigating the complexities of coordinated conservation along the river NileSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2019The Chatelperronian Neanderthals of Cova Foradada (Calafell, Spain) used imperial eagle phalanges for symbolic purposesSCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2015Defaunation affects carbon storage in tropical forestsSCIENCE ADVANCES