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Publicaciones en la fuente MARINE DRUGS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023A Concise Diastereoselective Total Synthesis of α-AmbrinolMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2023Marine Puupehenone and Puupehedione: Synthesis and Future PerspectivesMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2023Microalgae, seaweeds and aquatic bacteria, archaea, and yeasts: sources of carotenoids with potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health-promoting actions in the sustainability era.MARINE DRUGS
Artículo2023Unifying the synthesis of a whole family of marine meroterpenoids through a biosynthetically inspired sequence of 1,2-hydride and methyl shifts as key stepMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2022Marine-derived compounds targeting topoisomerase II in cancer cells: a review.MARINE DRUGS
Revisión2021Anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects of microalgal carotenoidsMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2021Divergent strategy in marine tetracyclic meroterpenoids synthesisMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2021Haloferax mediterranei Cells as C50 Carotenoid FactoriesMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2020A concise route for the synthesis of tetracyclic meroterpenoids: (±)-Aureol preparation and mechanistic interpretationMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2020Design, Synthesis and In Vitro Experimental Validation of Novel TRPV4 Antagonists Inspired by Labdane DiterpenesMARINE DRUGS
Revisión2020Halophiles and their biomolecules: recent advances and future applications in biomedicineMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2020Meroterpenoids from the brown alga cystoseira usneoides as potential anti-inflammatory and lung anticancer agentsMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2020New Eunicellin-Type Diterpenes from the Panamanian Octocoral Briareum AsbestinumMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2019Fucoxanthin and Rosmarinic Acid Combination Has Anti-Inflammatory Effects through Regulation of NLRP3 Inflammasome in UVB-Exposed HaCaT KeratinocytesMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2019Nutraceutical extract from dulse (Palmaria palmata L.) inhibits primary human neutrophil activationMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2018Fucoxanthin-Containing Cream Prevents Epidermal Hyperplasia and UVB-Induced Skin Erythema in MiceMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2018Optimization of Growth and Carotenoid Production by Haloferax mediterranei Using Response Surface MethodologyMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2018Topical Application of Glycolipids from Isochrysis galbana Prevents Epidermal Hyperplasia in MiceMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2016The Algal Meroterpene 11-Hydroxy-1 '-O-Methylamentadione Ameloriates Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Colitis in MiceMARINE DRUGS
Revisión2015Bioactive Compounds Isolated from Microalgae in Chronic Inflammation and CancerMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2012Efficient Heterologous Transformation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii npq2 Mutant with the Zeaxanthin Epoxidase Gene Isolated and Characterized from Chlorella zofingiensisMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2012Isolation and Characterization of a Lycopene epsilon-Cyclase Gene of Chlorella (Chromochloris) zofingiensis. Regulation of the Carotenogenic Pathway by Nitrogen and LightMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2012Promoter trapping in microalgae using the antibiotic paromomycin as selective agentMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2011Enhanced Productivity of a Lutein-Enriched Novel Acidophile Microalga Grown on UreaMARINE DRUGS
Artículo2011Enhancement of Lutein Production in Chlorella sorokiniana (Chorophyta) by Improvement of Culture Conditions and Random MutagenesisMARINE DRUGS
Revisión2011Marine carotenoids: Biological functions and commercial applicationsMARINE DRUGS