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Artículo20243D Printing Direct Powder Extrusion in the Production of Drug Delivery Systems: State of the Art and Future PerspectivesPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Biocomposite for Prolonged Release of Water-Soluble DrugsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Cannabinoid-Based Ocular Therapies and FormulationsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Conventional and PEGylated Liposomes as Vehicles of Copaifera sabulicolaPHARMACEUTICS
Revisión2023Current Treatments and New, Tentative Therapies for Parkinson's DiseasePHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Development of 3D-Printed Bicompartmental Devices by Dual-Nozzle Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) for Colon-Specific Drug Delivery.PHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Development of Avocado and Lemon Oil Emulgels Based on Natural Products: Phycocyanin and PectinPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Emerging Strategies to Improve the Design and Manufacturing of Biocompatible Therapeutic MaterialsPHARMACEUTICS
Revisión2023Environmentally Friendly Strategies for Formulating Vegetable Oil-Based Nanoparticles for Anticancer MedicinePHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Evaluation of Different Doses in Inhaled Therapy: A Comprehensive AnalysisPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Fabrication and Characterisation of 3D-Printed Triamcinolone Acetonide-Loaded Polycaprolactone-Based Ocular Implants.PHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Hydrophilic High Drug-Loaded 3D Printed Gastroretentive System with Robust Release Kinetics.PHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Montmorillonite-Rifampicin Nanohybrid for pH-Responsive Release of the TuberculostaticPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Radiolabeled risperidone microSPECT/CT imaging for intranasal implant studies developmentPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2023Stability Studies of Antipseudomonal Beta Lactam Agents for Outpatient TherapyPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo20223D Printed Fractal-like Structures with High Percentage of Drug for Zero-Order Colonic ReleasePHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022A beta-Cyclodextrin-Based Nanoparticle with Very High Transfection Efficiency Unveils siRNA-Activated TLR3 Responses in Human Prostate Cancer Cells.PHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022A Novel Deep Neural Network Technique for Drug-Target InteractionPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Amphotericin B- and Levofloxacin-Loaded Chitosan Films for Potential Use in Antimicrobial Wound Dressings: Analytical Method Development and Its ApplicationPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Antimicrobial properties of amino-acid-derived N-heterocyclic carbene silver complexesPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Assessment of the extrusion process and printability of suspension-type drug-loaded AffinisolTM filaments for 3D printingPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Clay-Based Hydrogels as Drug Delivery Vehicles of Curcumin Nanocrystals for Topical ApplicationPHARMACEUTICS
Revisión2022Clays as Vehicles for Drug PhotostabilityPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Hybrid Lipid/Clay Carrier Systems Containing Annatto Oil for Topical FormulationsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Iron-gold nanoflowers: a promising tool for multimodal imaging and hyperthermia therapy.PHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Latest Trends in Surface Modification for Dental Implantology: Innovative Developments and Analytical ApplicationsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Novel utilization of therapeutic coatings based on infiltrated encapsulated rose bengal microspheres in porous titanium for implant applicationsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Redox-responsive polymersomes as smart doxorubicin delivery systemsPHARMACEUTICS
Revisión2022Scope and limitations of current antibiotic therapies against helicobacter pylori: reviewing amoxicillin gastroretentive formulationsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Single -and multi-walled carbon nanotubes as nanocarriers for the delivery of 7-hydroxyflavone.PHARMACEUTICS
Editorial2022Supramolecular systems for gene and drug deliveryPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Tackling Antibiotic Resistance: Influence of Aliphatic Branches on Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial Polytriazoles against ESKAPE Group PathogensPHARMACEUTICS
Revisión2022Therapeutic approach to Alzheimer’s disease: current treatments and new perspectivesPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2022Use of nanoparticles to prevent resistance to antibiotics—Synthesis and characterization of gold nanosystems based on tetracyclinePHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021A biodegradable copolyester, poly(Butylene succinate-co-ε-caprolactone), as a high efficiency matrix former for controlled release of drugsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Amoxicillin and clarithromycin mucoadhesive delivery system for helicobacter pylori infection in a mouse model: characterization, pharmacokinetics, and efficacyPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Annatto Oil Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers: A Potential New Treatment for Cutaneous LeishmaniasisPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Biocompatible DNA/5-fluorouracil-gemini surfactant-functionalized gold nanoparticles as promising vectors in lung cancer therapyPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Cationic single-chained surfactants with a functional group at the end of the hydrophobic tail DNA compacting efficiency.PHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Cholesterol levels affect the performance of aunps-decorated thermo-sensitive liposomes as nanocarriers for controlled doxorubicin deliveryPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Fe3O4-Au core-shell nanoparticles as a multimodal platform for in vivo imaging and focused photothermal therapyPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Generation of a biomimetic substitute of the corneal limbus using decellularized scaffoldsPHARMACEUTICS
Revisión2021Lipid-Polymeric Films: Composition, Production and Applications in Wound Healing and Skin RepairPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Multivalent calixarene-based liposomes as platforms for gene and drug delivery.PHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Synergistic effect of acetazolamide-(2-hydroxy)propyl β-cyclodextrin in timolol liposomes for decreasing and prolonging intraocular pressure levelsPHARMACEUTICS
Revisión2021Thiolated-polymer-based nanoparticles as an avant-garde approach for anticancer therapies—Reviewing thiomers from chitosan and hyaluronic acidPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Whole transcription profile of responders to anti-TNF drugs in pediatric inflammatory bowel diseasePHARMACEUTICS
Revisión20203D printed drug delivery systems based on natural productsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo20203D Printing of Drug-Loaded Thermoplastic Polyurethane Meshes: A Potential Material for Soft Tissue Reinforcement in Vaginal SurgeryPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2020Development of a Biodegradable Subcutaneous Implant for Prolonged Drug Delivery Using 3D PrintingPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2020Evaluation of novel doxorubicin-loaded magnetic wax nanocomposite vehicles as cancer combinatorial therapy agentsPHARMACEUTICS
Revisión2020In-depth study into polymeric materials in low-density gastroretentive formulationsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2020Metallo-liposomes of ruthenium used as promising vectors of genetic materialPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2020Nanoparticle-delivered HIV peptides to dendritic cells a promising approach to generate a therapeutic vaccinePHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2019A non-viral plasmid DNA delivery system consisting on a lysine-derived cationic lipid mixed with a Fusogenic lipidPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2019Achieving High Excipient Efficiency with Elastic Thermoplastic Polyurethane by Ultrasound Assisted Direct CompressionPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2019Antioxidant PLA Composites Containing Lignin for 3D Printing Applications: A Potential Material for Healthcare ApplicationsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2019Optimized preparation of levofloxacin loaded polymeric nanoparticlesPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2019Preparation and Characterization of New Liposomes. Bactericidal Activity of Cefepime Encapsulated into Cationic LiposomesPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2018Novel Findings about Double-Loaded Curcumin-in-HP beta cyclodextrin-in Liposomes: Effects on the Lipid Bilayer and Drug ReleasePHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2018Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Dibucaine Sustained ReleasePHARMACEUTICS