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Publicaciones en la fuente COMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Necessary conditions for the positivity of Littlewood-Richardson and plethystic coefficientsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2017Error bounds in high-order Sobolev norms for POD expansions of parameterized transient temperaturesCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2016Absolutely summing Carleson embeddingCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2015Combinatorics on a family of reduced Kronecker coefficientsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2014Minimal time of controllability of two parabolic equations with disjoint control and coupling domainsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2013A new relation between the condensation index of complex sequences and the null controllability of parabolic systemsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2012Compensated fractional derivatives and stochastic evolution equationsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2011Existence of global weak solutions for a viscous 2D bilayer Shallow Water modelCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2011Numerical null controllability of a semi-linear heat equation via a least squares methodCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2010A viscous fluid in a thin domain satisfying the slip condition on a slightly rough boundaryCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2010Reproductive solution of a second-grade fluid systemCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2010Very weak solutions for the stationary Oseen and Navier-Stokes equationsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2010Very weak solutions for the stationary Stokes equationsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2009On the boundary controllability of non-scalar parabolic systemsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2008A consistent intermediate wave speed for a well-balanced HLLC solverCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2007Composition operators on Hardy-Orlicz spaces.COMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2007Controllability for a class of reaction-diffusion systems: the generalized Kalman's conditionCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2007Hironaka's characteristic polygon and effective resolution of surfacesCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2007Sharp error estimates for a fractional-step method applied to the 3D Navier-Stokes equationsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2007Uniqueness results for pseudomonotone problems with p > 2COMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2006A density result for the variation of a material with respect to small inclusionsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2006Local strong solution for the incompressible Korteweg modelCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2006On the existence of solutions for a strongly degenerate systemCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2006Pullback attractors for non-autonomous 2D-Navier-Stokes equations in some unbounded domainsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2006The Boussinesq system with mixed nonsmooth boundary dataCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2006Uniqueness and partial identification in a geometric inverse problem for the Boussinesq systemCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2005Application of global Carleman estimates with rotated weights to an inverse problem for the wave equationCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2005Controllability of some coupled parabolic systems by one control forceCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2005On the controllability of the N-dimensional Navier-Stokes and Boussinesq systems with N-1 scalar controlsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2005Remarks on the null controllability of the Burgers equationCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2004A simultaneous directions parallel algorithm for the Navier-Stokes equationsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2004Asymptotic behavior of an elastic beam fixed on a small part of one of its extremitiesCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2004Asymptotic behavior of diffusion problems in a domain made of two cylinders of different diameters and lengthsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2004Asymptotically balanced schemes for non-homogeneous hyperbolic systems - application to the Shallow Water equationsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2004Quasi-free divisors and dualityCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2004Remarks on exact controllability for Stokes and Navier-Stokes systemsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2004Simultaneous directions parallel methods for elliptic and parabolic systemsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2003Derivation of the k-epsilon model for locally homogeneous turbulence by homogenization techniquesCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2003Insensitizing controls for a large-scale ocean circulation modelCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2003On the null controllability of a one-dimensional fluid-solid interaction modelCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2003Semimartingale attractors for generalised Allen-Cahn SPDEs driven by space-time white noiseCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2002A characterization of simple quadratic natural exponential families with a reverse martingale propertyCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2002A non-overlapping domain decomposition method for the Stokes equations via a penalty term on the interfaceCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2002Global solution of nematic liquid crystals modelsCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE
Artículo2002Insensitizing controls for a semilinear heat equation with a superlinear nonlinearityCOMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE